Fotor AI Image Generator Vs. Canva AI Image Generator

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AI image generators are the advanced tools used to instantly convert text prompts into different visual formats. Moreover, you can also use them to convert realistic images into illustrations. Both Fotor and Canva are amazing and advanced AI image generator tools and provide their users with multiple features.

Both these tools are best for creating different marketing assets, completing design tasks, and other related activities. In this article, you can find the elaborated comparison between Fotor and Canva Ai image generators and can choose the best according to your liking:

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What is a Fotor AI Image Generator?

You can create stunning images according to your artistic taste by using the Fotor Ai image generator. You can start the process by choosing two simple options: either you can use text to change it into images, or you can upload an image to convert it into a brand new image using the Fotor AI image generator. Besides, there are lots of other services available, including AI Photo Editor, BG Remover, Face Swap, AI Avatar, and Batch Editor. Furthermore, you can use Fotor Background Remover to get a sleeky image of your product or yourself with white or transparent background, as well as there are lots of many cool backgrounds also available to choose from.

How does the Fotor Ai image generator work?

The text-based input or prompt is used to describe the image that you want to create, and Fotor will generate it for you. There is a certain diversion in the images produced by the Ai image generator. Even though you use a similar prompt twice in the Ai image generator, there is the possibility that the Fotor Ai image generator will form a different image every time. To get the most accurate result that is close to your imagination, you are required to fill in the specific details while typing your prompt.

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You can also control the power of this AI tool by providing the existing image. This AI image generator tool will not completely alter the style of the image but change it with amazing and unexpected creativity. Fotor specializes in changing your photographs or sketches into cartoons or different illustrations by using different cartoon-style features.


  • Very easy and convenient to use and can easily transform graphics and text into images. Moreover, Fotor also provides features like editing, shading, and cropping of the images.
  • Fotor also supports software such as JPG, PDF, and PNG. Therefore, you can easily share your AI-generated images with your friends and other people.


  • Sometimes, software can freeze for some time, and you may have to restart it to make it work properly.
  • Fotor will automatically be charged the payment.

What is a Canva AI Image generator?

Canva is also an AI image generator tool that is mostly used as a graphic design tool to simplify the digital design process. Users can use the Canva Ai image generator tool by simply creating an account, and it can be used via web browsers, IOS, and Android apps. The interface is very easy to use and can easily be used by the students. It operates on a simple drag-and-drop mechanism for image editing and project-based learning. Canva performs amazingly both in group and individual project creations and has amazing potential in the classroom.

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How does the Canva Ai image generator work?

Canva Ai image generator is very easy to use. Users can sign in by using their email, Facebook, or another Google account. After creating the account, you have to choose whether you want to use it as a teacher, student, or anything else. These options will alternate your experience according to your needs and will make the search process even easier for you.


  • An excellent choice for people who are not designers and are looking for a way to form better presentations and frameworks.
  • It is super convenient to form images using the Canva Ai image generator, and anybody without any experience can easily use it.


  • It lacks functionality, and there are a lot of simple tasks that you cannot complete using this AI image generator.
  • There are a lot of restrictions and limited functionality available in the free version.
  • You can lose the designs accidentally while changing the templates


What exactly is an AI image generator?

An AI image generator can form the images according to your prompt. When the user enters a prompt into the Ai image generator, the images are formed according to the data provided in the prompt.

Is Canva free to use?

Yes, users can utilize Canva for free. It is free to create an account on Canva, and you can use the available features. However, Canva has a lot of restrictions, and a lot of features are not available in the free version. You have to buy a premium subscription to use the features available in the Canva Ai image-generating tool.

How can I write the perfect prompt for the Fotor Ai image generator?

Forming or writing the perfect prompt is compulsory for getting the desirable image from the Fotor Ai image generator. Here are the following tips you can consider while typing prompts:

  • You need to specifically write the prompts and define the elements and the characteristics that you want to see in your images. Try to specifically define the prompts using simple and understandable language.
  • You can also provide reference images for the best and most desirable images and results.
  • Get used to using the Fotor tool by practicing, and you will get the perfect results.


AI image-generating tools can enhance and improve our ability to create stunning images and graphics. Moreover, these tools also enhance the design process. Thanks to AI image generator tools, different individuals can explore new creative skills and create new designs and images. Fotor and Canva are both good AI image generators that provide their users with the best features and latest designs for various purposes. Users highly recommend Fotor because of its easy-to-use interface, easy login options, and multiple other features. Fotor operates and forms the images according to the prompt, and users find this feature very easy to use. However, many AI image generators are available on the market, and users can choose the best AI image generator according to their usage and requirements.