Engage Your Audience and Boost Conversion with Video

Engage Your Audience and Boost Conversion with Video (3)

Video marketing uses video to increase engagement on your digital and social media channels by promoting your product or service. Following COVID-19, we are navigating a “new normal” in marketing, so revisit your marketing plan and include video in your tactics.

Social media videos aren’t something you experiment with occasionally; they’re a “must-have” in your marketing toolkit. Keeping customers entertained while building trust is the goal of video marketing. Videos accelerate the sales cycle for businesses, generating a significant return on investment (ROI) by engaging your customers and capturing their attention like no other medium. The Cisco Annual Internet Report predicts that 82% of the traffic on the Internet will be videos by 2025.

Video is still a potent marketing tool despite many marketing budgets having been slashed or significantly reduced since COVID-19. Up to 80% more conversions can be achieved through video. This form of marketing converts the highest. Additionally, the more conversational and simplistic your video is, the more natural it will seem. Video clips with a short duration – 30 seconds to two minutes — tend to have the highest engagement. Additionally, they should be educational, entertaining, elicit an emotional response, and call for action. Don’t forget to take the audio quality into account as well.

Digital marketing consists of two main components: traffic and conversion. Both are produced by video!

Engage Your Audience and Boost Conversion with Video (1)

Search engines and online video sites have shown that video marketing can build brand awareness and generate traffic, but so have social media sites. Take advantage of social sharing networks to get more views and likes. Highlighting critical information will help you hook your audience quickly. Engagement and sharing rates on social media tend to be higher when videos are short and to the point and the content is entertaining.

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Here are a few video marketing statistics you can find across the web, which show how video marketing produces compelling results, along with other marketing tactics, including social media and email marketing:

  • A video generates 157% more organic traffic on a website.
  • 97% of marketers agree that video has helped users understand their products and services.
  • In a survey of marketers, 52 percent said video content provides the best return on investment.
  • Emails with videos are 300% more likely to be clicked on than emails without videos.
  • Among consumers who watch branded videos on social media, 64% will make a purchase.

You may still not be excited about video marketing yet, but here are a few benefits you can expect:

Connection: Video puts you in front of your target audience, demonstrating your credibility and thought leadership and connecting you with them through technology and personality.

Time and territory: Using the Internet have allowed all local businesses to become global. Technological advances have allowed for personalization and automation in international marketing. With the ability to separate marketing communications from sales messages, savvy marketers can connect with prospects 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

SEO: In terms of search engine optimization, YouTube is right behind its parent company Google as the second most popular website. YouTube videos are ranked extremely high in Google search results due to their popularity. The chances of a video-based website reaching the front page of Google are 53 times greater. Search engine optimization (SEO) is challenging, so YouTube is a better option for a specific search phrase than Google.

Create a video marketing strategy

Engage Your Audience and Boost Conversion with Video (1)

We live in an interconnected digital world. Video is one of the best ways for businesses to show customers what’s happening behind the scenes, capturing their attention and providing a real glimpse into what’s going on. Video is a very effective tool when used in conjunction with your marketing strategy. Start by reviewing your plan.

The video should consider the different buyer’s journey stages and the intended audience. By establishing the end in mind, the video’s style, content, and distribution become much easier to determine. Take into consideration your objectives and target audience when selecting video and content. To produce videos that evoke an action, marketers need to understand human psychology in-depth.

You should always ask yourself: What impact would you like to have on your audience?

Including search and social traffic, strategies can help you build traffic through video marketing. Researching key phrases and understanding SEO are essential to generating traffic. Use keyword-focused titles, tags, and descriptions to ensure that search engines find you. With the ability to optimize for key phrases, show up in related searches, and build your audience on the platform, YouTube can be a significant source of traffic with ease.

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Promote your Blog Posts

There is no-doubt that most customers prefer to watch videos instead of reading. The use of visual components like videos can boost viewing rates significantly. An embedded video will increase readership and conversions, giving your content more mileage. Embedding video in blog posts is an excellent content strategy.

Video can also drive conversions on your website if you incorporate it. Moovly reports that video content on your website increases your chance of appearing first in Google searches 53 times. Unlike the written word, video can leverage influence and persuasion much more stronger. It is the perfect medium for conveying a brand’s personality.

You can repurpose blog posts and articles you plan to publish as videos if you already have an editorial calendar. It is one of the easiest ways to produce multi-media content for your blog and add a video. You can do the same thing with video distribution on sites like YouTube and Vimeo to gain a broader audience and have a better chance of appearing in search results.

Use a solid call to action at the end of the videos.

In the absence of a call to action (CTA), viewers will think, “so what?” Remember to close your video with a strong CTA. A lead can be converted into a customer when this component is implemented correctly yet often overlooked. During the buyer’s journey, CTAs act as a transition. CTAs are conditioned to attract and entice consumers. They will no longer have to figure out what to do next.

Promote social sharing and increase traffic

Engage Your Audience and Boost Conversion with Video (1)

Utilize your social media channels to promote your video. If you provide helpful information, you will encourage people to watch and share your video. Knowing your target audience is critical for social video marketing. The key to increasing the share rate is to present the information to draw the user in immediately.

Each social network has a distinct audience with different interests and attention spans. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram respond better to other videos (and lengths). If you want your videos to reach the broadest possible audience and appear more often in search engines, distribute them on YouTube and Vimeo. Over one billion hours of video are viewed daily on YouTube!

The key to increasing social media traffic is to create consistent, shareable content. Personality plays a crucial role here. The key to this is speaking your target audience’s language, not your key phrases. If you want to resonate with your target audience, ensure each video reflects your company’s personality.

Video marketing has the advantage of being easy to do. Everything on the buyer’s journey is covered when a digital marketing strategy is effective. So, a funnel effect occurs where viewers are informed, educated, and converted into fans, subscribers, prospects, leads, and customers. As a vital conversion tool, the video also persuades and influences visitors to move forward with the buying process.

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