9 Dexi Alternatives

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Dexi.io refers to the platform based on digital commerce intelligence and can help enable users to effectively execute their network strategies to grow in the market and enhance their overall revenue. Every linked organization can access an account manager, which provides his services regarding the coordination in delivering robots, data outputs, integration, and much more.

Dexi can also come with enable customers with setting the SLACK channel that is based on the quick contact along with the messaging network if required. It can even offer the management of the stakeholder’s assets, integration, dashboard, alerts, schedule execution by robots, etc.

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  • Version Control
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Metadata Management
  • API Integration

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MuleSoft’s Anypoint is at the back of Dataloader.io, bringing a unified solution service for connecting Salesforce to any other required networks in real-time. Customers can access their credentials linked with the Salesforce accounts by logging directly into the dashboard of this platform without requiring any of the specific apps to download for it. It uses the security system of the oAuth 2.0 so that users can get started without taking into account any of the issues regarding the security risks.…

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DMS, formally known as the AWS Database Migration Service, refers to a program based on migrating an on-premises database to the service cloud linked with the web network of Amazon. It comes with a lot more advance set of tools that can make it possible to cover the duration of data transfer within a suitable range, which can instead take even months to complete. This software can also manage corresponding migrations like Oracle to Oracle system and dissimilar ones like…

5: Alooma


Alooma provides data pipelines to numerous linked organizations so that their data teams can control and view all of the data brought towards it from several data silos in no time. It can directly stream entire data by integrating multiple sources, including sales & marketing services, transactional-based databases, SDKs, and more. In addition, Alooma can also react to changes that occur in data to ensure the safety of all events without skipping any of them. With these services, customers can…


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