DesignEvo Review – The Best Online Logo Maker

Indeed, you would be familiar with the importance of a logo as it is a well-known graphic that represents your brand. Thousands of Online Tools are available to help you build a Logo of your dream within a few single clicks, but if you are eager to get some professional work done, then there’s nothing better than DesignEvo. It is an easy logo maker tool brought to you by PeralMountain Limited.

Creating a Logo for your brand isn’t easy as ever before because it brings dozens of categories and thousands of designs to choose from. Whether you are searching for a logo of your Restaurant or your YouTube Channel, DesignEvo has got you all and brings to your table in a beautiful way you love to entertain.

Thousands of Icons, Fonts, and Backgrounds

Upon using, I came to know that users aren’t only limited to readymade logos, as they have an option to build their customs using icons, fonts, and styles of their choice. Thousands of catchy icons were already added, and you can search them using their names. Example: If you want to add a camera to your Icon’s design, then entering the Text “Camera” may bring you outstanding icons to use. Besides, thousands of shapes and backgrounds are also featured to take your logo-making experience to the next level.

  • Fonts – Fonts are span two categories, like Classic and Art. When it comes to classic, you can use the following classic: Bold, Modern (Sans), Traditional (Serif), Handwriting, and Funny.
  • Icons – When it comes to Icons, there are endless small pieces of graphics to use for the creation of your brand icon, ranging from animal, technology, sports to food.
  • Background – Whether you want to add a particular color as a background or love to go with Transparent Background, DesignEvo has both options for you.
  • Shapes – There are seven different Shapes categories: Decoration, Line, Solid Shape, Outlined Shape, Banner, Symbol, and Badge.

Undo and Redo

Something went wrong; no worries when you have an option of “Undo” and “Redo.” Both are my favorite buttons and help me when something goes wrong, or I erase anything mistakenly. You are work saved, and you can continue from where you left it off.


There is nothing better than using readymade stuff for some users as doing some changes may help get completed within a few minutes. Therefore, I found lots of templates, and all are unique and mouth-watering. Select your template to get two possible options: Similar and Customize. Tapping a similar button may take you close to a list where other logos of the exact nature will be shown; furthermore, you can customize the logo your way to make your logo enrich using thousands of options and drag-and-drop options.



Whether you are a Freelancer or an owner of a company, DesignEvo has got you all. Freelancers can use it to show off their designing skills and build unique logos for their clients found on Fiverr and Upwork. Meanwhile, if you own a business and don’t want to hire a professional logo designer, then give DesignEvo a try to get your favorite design.