12 Apps Like CROPS!-Prologue

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CROPS!: Prologue is an indie, strategy, and battle video game Bocary Studios owns. In this game, the player has to plant the crops in a specific pattern to grow them. Throughout this game, the player not only has to plant crops but also has to place them strategically. Placing the crops strategically allows you to defend against the kobolds, dragons, and rats.

When planted and raised, the vegetables and fruits become alive and engage in auto-battle. At the start of the game, the player is provided with 8 starting crops to grow. This game has multiple new crops to unlock by making progress. The game also provides the player with multiple avatars you can unlock by spending gold.

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Furthermore, this game has multiple modes, including normal mode, endless mode, and random mode. It has almost 5 islands, and all the islands are full of enemies and unique bosses. In this game, the choices of the player matter so that the player can make various decisions. From this post, you can surely get some of the best game alternatives to CROPS!: Prologue.


  • Plant the crops
  • Defend plants against dragons and rats
  • Engage in auto-battle
  • 8 starting crops to grow
  • Multiple new crops
  • Provides multiple avatars
  • Multiple modes
  • Almost 5 different islands

Similar Games To CROPS!: Prologue

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12 Alternatives Listed
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Cookie Run Kingdom is an action-adventure and role-playing video game developed by Devsisters Corporation. Throughout the game, the player's objective is to build a dreamy Cookie Kingdom. After building the dreamy Cookie Kingdom, the player has to discover the secrets of the Cookie Kingdom. During the gameplay, you have to protect the kingdom from the attacks of the enemies and evil bosses. To protect the kingdom, you must fight against the enemies and bosses to defeat them. The game enables…

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Monster Super League is an action and role-playing video game developed by FourThirtyThree Inc. This game is set in the most beautiful world of Astromons which has a stunning environment. In this game, the objective of the player is to catch wild Astromons and monsters. To catch the Astromons and monsters, you have to hatch strange eggs. This game has almost 550 cute and stylish monsters of all sizes to collect. After collecting the monsters, you can easily use them…

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Infinite Magic Raid is a role-playing and combat video game developed by DHGAMES. In this game, the player has to step into the shoes of an adventurer. Throughout the game, the player has to set on an adventure to fight against the evil god from the Sword Harbor. To defeat the evil god, the player has to create a heroic team and play alongside them. The game enables the player to summon the strongest companions and collect heroes to create…

Tales and Dragons New Journey is an adventure and role-playing video game owned by UPJOYJOY. This game takes place in a captivating realm fairy tale world where the player has to participate in an adventure. In this game, the player has to engage in intense combat against the dragons. Throughout the game, the objective of the player is to defeat the dragons in combat. To defeat the enemies in combat, you have to join the forces of fairy tale heroes.…

King's Raid is an action, anime, strategy, and role-playing video game developed by Vespa Inc. The story of this game revolves around Kasel whose brother has disappeared. Throughout the game, the player has to play the role of a Kasel-named knight. In this game, the objective of the player is to reveal the mystery behind the disappearance of the brother. To reveal the mystery behind the disappearance of the brother, the player has to set on a journey. On his…

Dislyte is a free casual and role-playing video game developed by Lilith Games. This game is set in the near future and has an urban mythological theme. In this game, the player has to build a squad of heroes and fight against enemies. Throughout this game, the player has to protect his city from the attack of enemies. The game provides multiple superhero characters of different mythologies, including Egyptian, Northern European, Chinese, and Greek. All the characters provided by this…

Tuyoo Games developed the role-playing video game Magnum Quest, which can be played alone or with other people. The game is mostly about fantasy and action. The player's job in the game is to lead a group of heroes through tough battles in which the bad guys get crueler as they try to stop the main character from taking complete control. As the game continues, the player may find legendary heroes from the Fortress, Forest, Wild, Shadow, Divine, and Abyss…


As the name implies, the game is a blend of several genres like Turn-based, Role-playing, and Strategy elements. It is fun-based gameplay that takes you to a magical world populated by knights, heroes, monsters, and many other creatures. Form your guild before jumping into the environment and start fighting against enemies to earn a reputation. There are dozens of playable heroes, similar to Raid Shadow Legends. So, get to participate in epic battles where deadly creatures await you for a…

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire come with a Strategic genre on its sleeve to give you thrilling gameplay. Featuring a series of nations that grant you unique powers to take over the world. Get ready to experience RTS gameplay, where the player, as a leader, needs to command a tiny village destroyed because of an invasion released by the Eastern Dynasty. Jump to fight against real players to command the world; train powerful dragons to assist you throughout the…

Although we can’t consider King of Avalon Dominion a 100% authentic Alternative to Raid Shadow Legends, it makes its place in the list because of offering similar aspects. The developer features more strategic components than RPG; therefore, upon playing, you realize the game isn’t the same as Raid Shadow Legends. Team up with other players and jump into an epic battle to take over enemies. Earn in-game points to unlock additional content and boost your performance. Many heroes are available,…

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a Role-playing and Multiplayer video game released on Mobile Devices: Android and iOS. It brings similar gameplay to Raid Shadow Legends. It lets you select your favorite heroes from available and choose the best strategy to dominate the battle, meanwhile supporting other players in 3D battles. At the start, you find yourself in a 3D world where the team will be declared dominant over others who take over the sacred Calibria Crystal. There are more than 200…

It is one of the best Role-playing video games on mobile devices released by Plarium Global Ltd. Put yourself in a massive battle where champions aren’t aimed to show mercy on anyone. The battle is on the edge of destruction, and the blast can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we are here with a list of Best Games Like Raid Shadow Legends for those players who can’t stand against champions and searching for something a bit easier than RSL. Besides,…


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