13 Games Like Cocoon

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The puzzle game Cocoon was developed by Geometric Interactive and published by Annapurna Interactive in 2023. Geometric Interactive originated it, and Annapurna Interactive distributed it.

Solving riddles in a game where players utilize a beetle to explore multiple realms would be fantastic. This makes the experience unique and thrilling. The game has many riddles to keep players’ attention and give challenges.

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This makes gameplay more fun and avoids monotony. Learning about and understanding the cosmos may be fascinating. It intrigues players and motivates them to learn more about the game.

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Annapurna Interactive is noted for its gorgeous games and service. Cocoon looks great and has amazing graphics. Excellent visuals and world design enhance gameplay immersion. Sound effects and music can enhance the game’s atmosphere. Players will feel more immersed in Cocoon. Find more games like Cocoon in our list of the greatest.


  • Offer innovative and unique puzzle-solving mechanics
  • Offers a variety of puzzles that challenge players in different ways
  • Boast visually appealing graphics, art style, and world design
  • Enhance the atmosphere of the game
  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics
  • Puzzle Diversity
  • Mystery and Exploration
  • Visuals and Design:

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