Call Protect: Robot Blocker

Call Protect: Robot Blocker is a call blocker and filter app developed by Orave Technologies. This app protects you from unwanted callers, scammers, robot callers, and surveys. The app silently reduces the number of unwanted calls received on the user’s phone. It maintains the list of spam calls and updates the robocalls in the device.

Moreover, the app has a Caller ID lookup feature using which you can reverse phone number lookup from Canada and the US. With the help of this look-up feature, people can get all the required information about the calling number. After looking up the number, the user can save it and add it to their contacts directly.


• Protects you from unwanted callers
• Reduces the number of unwanted calls
• Maintains the list of spam calls
• Update the Robocalls
• Caller ID lookup feature
• Get all the required information for calling numbers
• Save the numbers in contacts

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