Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Review

Playing video games is one of the most popular interests of the people. No doubt, gaming is among the largest businesses in the world.

If you are also a gamer, then this article is only for you because today, we are here with a review of one of the most popular video games. While going through the list of most ranked games, we can also see Call of duty ranking higher in it.

Well, Call of duty is entertaining the world from the past several years. They have introduced various parts of the game, and recently, they have launched Call of duty: modern warfare 2019. Today we are going to discuss this latest part of the Call of duty.

All the information you need regarding this game is present in this article. Just go through it and decide whether this game lies on your criteria or not.


If we talk about the storyline of this game, it is totally amazing. Basically, a game holds a situation of the world where the battle is going on between the terrorists and counter-terrorists. The whole tragedy occurs in the city named “Urzikstan.”

The Urzikstan can be a Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, or Palestine. The SAS operatives have to take control of the situation just by eliminating the terrorists. 


This latest version of modern warfare comes up with many new updates. Now you will find more GUI and other features in the 2019 version as compared to the old one. It is a first-person shooter game where you have to pick up a gun in order to kill the enemy.

A massive variety of guns will be available on this platform, and you can also pick the enemy’s weapon after killing him. There are multiple rounds of the game, and each round is full of excitement and suspense. Different villains, heroes, and other characters will be introduced as you will move towards destiny.

Amazing Graphics

The most crucial element of every game is the graphics. If the game comprises of HD graphics, then it is going to attract the gamer. No doubt, one of the main reasons behind the success of Call of the duty is its amazing graphics.

The developers have designed this game very well, and the characters in the game look real. Other than the characters, the designers have also utilized their skills perfectly in designing the deserts, streets, weapons, etc.


In conclusion, Call of duty is one of the most playable games in the world. In recent, they have launched the latest version of Call of duty: modern warfare. The developers have designed this game perfectly that will give you a great shooting experience.

It is a first-person shooter game, where you will save a country named Urzikstan. The graphics are fabulous, which makes the game more enjoyable to attempt. If you want to have tremendous virtual shooting experience, then we will highly recommend you this game.

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