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Bloodlines is a paid action-adventure, role-playing, stealth, single-player video game developed by Ubisoft. In this game, the player has to play the role of a character named Altair. The player has to find out enemies, search the evil plans of the Templars, and complete multiple challenges. This is an open-world game in which the player has to explore the whole game world.

Bloodlines provide its players with three types of coins such as silver, gold, and bronze on completing missions. Furthermore, this game provides the player with a map guide which helps the player in finding ways. It has mesmerizing soundtracks, intuitive controls, and linear gameplay for the player.

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  • Multiple challenges
  • Open-world game
  • Three types of coins
  • Map guider
  • Mesmerizing soundtracks
  • Intuitive controls
  • Linear gameplay

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