12 Sites Like Bigspeak

BigSpeak deals with the speaker’s bureau through which the audience can get the representations of the finest motivational & keynote speakers from all over the globe. This platform can let its clients engage various people, including business consultants, trainers, world-class athletes, award-winning entertainers, experts, vanguard thought-leaders, best-selling authors, global icons, and many others.

It can even permit its customers to access remarkable keynote events, consulting services, workshops, and different activities that can help them grow better. BigSpeak also comes with the integration of the largest business-oriented agency that can develop consulting programs & custom agendas for the betterment of agencies in Global Fortune 1000 across the US.


  • East Coast work ethic
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Boutique talent roster
  • Tailor speaking
  • Appearance strategies

Bigspeak Alternatives


1. Goodreads

Goodreads was launched in January 2007, is a review-based website about book-centric and was attained in 2013 by Amazon. This website is suitable for readers and book recommendations and has the goal of helping others in finding and sharing their favorite books. By searching for specific titles or authors, the user can easily identify new books to read and get source full recommendations from the platform, which are based on the books he has read and rated before. Goodreads can…

2. W3schools

W3Schools is an online learning platform for the user who wants to learn web technologies skills. This platform provides various content, including tutorials and references relating to NET, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc. It has millions of users worldwide who can use it anytime to improve the skills of coding. The content on this platform consists of a variety of categories, and each one has several options to deliver step-by-step learning methods to the user. It offers the user a…

3. Platzi

Platzi Alternatives

Platzi is the utilized learning system created for both the student and the teacher. This platform is consists of many useful tools and allows the user to go through almost every type of subject which he willing to get. Users can develop their skills and learn various knowledgeable stuff on the platform with the help of various teachers. It consists of different categories, including content writing, business management, inventions of technology, engineering, and much more for the user to gain…

4. Treehouse

Treehouse Alternatives

Treehouse is an online platform of technology that offers beginners to deal with the courses like web design, mobile application, and web development taught by expert teachers. The main objective of this platform is to teach beginners to learn new skills in the teaching field. It includes video combined with a variety of quizzes and code with challenges. The tracks of this platform are guided curricula, composed of such courses that help the students to get trained in large topic…

5. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint Alternatives

Tutorialspoint is an education platform that offers a variety of free tutorials and references manuals with examples, so it made understandable for beginners. This platform gives access to high-quality tutorials that consists of various categories. Each of the categories has its own list of courses that the user can easily access without any limit. The leading courses consist of Microsoft Office, Machine Learning, JavaScript, and lots of others to read. It also allows the user to find jobs in different…

6. Pluralsight

Pluralsight Alternatives

PluralSight, also known as Digital Tutors, is an online management platform that offers teachers training in all professional individuals. This platform provides a variety of collection of training courses for developers of software, including IT administrators and professionals, through its website. It offers different options to users for searching the course catalog. This portal has many basic courses to help beginners learn fast as well as advanced topics for professionals and programmers. Pluralsight has tons of courses available to learn…

7. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is a website that allows the user to write any type of text and instructional books. Users can edit any page if they make a mistake on it and allow others to share their knowledge for free of cost. This platform allows the user to search for books on any topic that they want to learn about. It is all about open books and sharing one’s knowledge with the others who are seeking it. The books are split into…

8. Sololearn App

SoloLearn is a learning platform that offers the user for free coding classes in different programming languages. This platform has millions of users who are gaining from various courses, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NE, and Python, etc. It has a huge collection of free learning content by which beginners can easily gain knowledge. The users can access it anytime, anywhere, and have entirely free services for them. The platform only requires registration from a valid email address then it…

9. Edx

Edx Alternatives

EdX is a free online course platform from universities and other institutions around the world. It is also known as the massive open online course provider that hosts universities in various disciplines to a worldwide student community. This platform has paid courses as well as some courses at no charge. They are offering a variety of courses to learn, such as Computer Science, History, Engineering, Psychology, and much more to explore. It has a user-friendly interface and has a regular…

10. Udemy

Udemy Alternatives

Udemy is a platform for online learning where instructors can develop and share paid courses for students so that they can learn new knowledgeable skills. This platform now has millions of users, and they can access it anytime, anywhere, according to their will. It is also known as the global marketplace as it provides opportunities to make money out of their passion and communicate with students even from other countries. Students will be able to achieve their careers goals with…

11. Khan Academy

khan academy Alternatives

Khan Academy is an American educational organization created by Sal Khan. The goal of this academy is to create a set of online tools that help in educating students. Academy offers short lessons in the form of videos to the user, and it also includes practice exercises for them. All resources are available for free to users, and anyone is allowed to access them on their website and application. This academy also creates new courses and translates content into other…

12. Coursera

Coursera is an education-based platform that offers more than 2000 courses for users who professionally want to gain some knowledge. The courses contained by this platform are developed by the best universities and colleges in the world. They advance your career opportunities or continue the user’s education by mastering different subjects from programming and data science in various categories. This platform has millions of users around the world, and they are using it to make their knowledge skills better than…