Become A Racer: Top 6 Formula 1 Games

Become A Racer

There is hardly a person who has not dreamed of becoming a racing driver after watching another Formula One race. However, despite the fact that not everyone has the opportunity to become a professional racer in real life, the virtual world is filled with opportunities for everyone. In games, there are no benchmarks for players, everyone can become a champion. For this reason we would like to share with you the top 6 games similar to Formula 1, through which you can plunge into a world of speed and adrenaline!

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Well, now returning to the virtual world, we are going to share with you the best games for PC, recalling Formula 1 in accordance with our vision.

1. rFactor


Realistic graphics of the game will not let you doubt that you are on the track of Formula 1. Game players, just like in life, compete for leadership, passing the race step by step, increasing the number of points for each race players get access to new levels and what is also great to get new vehicles, which in fact are exactly the same as the supercars of Formula 1.

2. Grand Prix4

The Grand Prix series can absolutely be considered legendary, it was one of the first games that displayed the reality of Formula 1 racing. For the fans of the retro era and races of the nineties, this game is absolutely sure to give high emotions.

3. F 2014

If there are Formula 1 fans among you, then you definitely know this game, it has given all fans of racing the opportunity to try themselves as a driver in the virtual world of video games. F 2014 is an exact representation of the 2014 Formula 1 race, the game’s graphics fascinate with its precision and detailed features. There are several game modes for participants, including classic career mode and free mode, where you can drive at your own speed without fighting for the championship.

4. F1 Race Stars

The graphics of this game are different from all the previous ones. Here you will not see the exact copies of Formula 1 tracks, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of variety. The tracks of this game are more like roller coasters, where you face the sudden turns and precipices. For those who want to have fun in the company of friends, there is a co-game mode.

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5. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

By the name of the game, you have probably already guessed that the main focus of the game is put on the Ferrari race cars. Players have the option to fully customize the car for their own or choose a position offered in the game menu. The creators have taken care of the smallest details, so even the interior of the cars is exactly similar to the real models of sports cars. In addition to the competition, in this game you also have to take care of your reputation, which adds extra points to the ranking.

6. Race Driver 2

The variety of race tracks in this game can hardly leave any player indifferent, there you can find both classic racing tracks and even an off-road rally. In various competitive races you need to earn points to pump your own car and character. This game can be long drawn out, so be careful.

We are sure that you already can’t wait to start playing. We advise you not to stop at one game and download several ones to choose the best for yourself.

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