Alternative Ways to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite Battle Royale

If you are a “Battle Royale” lover, you would be familiar with the word “Ping.” The massive headache of Pro or noob players is a high ping problem because you can’t do anything whenever the ping of your internet connection goes too much high. Therefore, thousands of players are always in search of finding different ways of “How to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile.” Without a doubt, PUBG Mobile is one of the best most trending Online Battle Royale video games, and we don’t have any qualm to accept that fact.

During the game, you may face off issues of high pings whenever the servers of the game are adequate, which makes the gameplay unresponsive and worst as well. Having a bad ping is possible because of a slow internet connection or the server you select to play far away from your location. Today, we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Ways to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Top 5 Best Ways to Reduce Ping in Battle Royale Games in 2020

There are five best techniques are mentioned which can bring your ping down whenever you are trying to play any Battle Royale game. All given steps are quite simple and straightforward, so no worries. You don’t need any root access to achieve low ping.

Use Built-in Game Booster

Many mobile phones release with the built-in game booster and with no disturbance feature. As you install any game to your device, be the default; it will be added to the Game Acceleration setting. As you start the game, all other background running applications will be stopped to give a better gaming experience because of the gaming acceleration setting. Therefore, you should check at once if you are facing high ping, is your added in the game acceleration setting or not.

  • Open Mobile Setting
  • Search for Gaming Acceleration Setting, and add PUBG to have a lower ping

Check Your Wi-Fi Settings

Sometimes, the low ping is happened because of a slow internet connection. Therefore, you should try your internet speed using tools. If everything is running smoothly, you should restart your router, because sometimes it releases slow internet speed due to any bug, and restarting the device will remove that bug. There’s another option that may help you in giving your better ping. By default, some mobile devices are set on Traffic Mode, which causes a slow internet speed and increases your ping. Follow the given steps to have a better ping:

  1. Click on “Setting
  2. Open “Wi-Fi Setting” and Click the “Advance Setting
  3. Search for Traffic Mode, and switch it to “Extreme Mode.

It will re-arrange all network resources to the running application, which will lead to lower ping. If it didn’t work, here are two more ways to fix the Ping in PUBG Mobile below.

Disable Synchronization

The third way to fix Ping in PUBG Mobile is to “Turn Off” background Synchronization of applications following the manual settings.

  1. Open the Device Settings and visit Apps
  2. Select the Suspicious App and hit the Restrict Data usage
  3. Deselect both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data
  4. Configure the Battery Saver settings to restrict background activity

Change Server

The main reason for having a high ping in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire is that many players select the server very far away from their location. Choosing the nearest server to your area may help you decrease the ping in Free Fire and PUBG Mobile.

Note: There’s another solution for you if you have a high ping on using Wi-Fi, then switch to Mobile Data to better result in low ping, as it works much time with me.

Use Kill Ping

In case you are playing PUBG Mobile on Emulator and experiencing a high Ping, we recommend using Kill Ping, as it is specially designed to reduce your ping times up to 60%. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and other Battle Royale games on Emulator; it works brilliantly.