Alternative Ways to Clean a Clogged Nozzle in 3D Printers

People who use 3D printers often face the problem of a nozzle getting clogged due to filament. One of the main reasons for a nozzle getting clogged is the filament, which gets stuck or its particles jam the nozzle. This hurts the printing process and disturbs the routine of yours.

Coming to the main part, i.e., to clean the clogged nozzle on the 3D printer, which is affecting your work. You will need different tools to perform this function, and here I am going to give you the list of the tools. You will require a cleaning filament, a brass wire brush, Acetone, socket wrench, crescent wrench, acupuncture needle, and a blowtorch/ heat gun. Keep reading as the method to remove the nozzle is going to start.

Using the Brass wire brush to clean

Use the Brass wire brush to clean off all the debris that was left on your nozzle and make sure you are not using a steel wire brush as it will damage the nozzle badly.

Acupuncture needle to break the particles

After cleaning it, you need to use the acupuncture needle; remember, you are not using to remove the particles, but only using to break them. For that, you have to preheat the printer to the last temperature on which it was working, and then you are going put the needle inside the nozzle to break the particles which are attached to the nozzle.

The heating process and use of Filament

Then comes the use of the cleaning filament, which you will use to pull out all the dust particles and other material stuck in the nozzle, which is causing it to stay stuck. You can heat up the nozzle first to 250 degrees Celsius, and once it reaches the temperate, you need to put the filament inside the nozzle and watch it that it does not come out from the other end. Then let the nozzle cool down to a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and yanks out the nozzle with sudden pulls, which will leave the mark of the shape of the nozzle on the filament. You will be able to see all the particles on it clearly, and you must keep repeating the whole process until the filament comes out clean.

The usage of a wrench for the removal of the nozzle

The last step will enable you to pull out the nozzle without any delay. It would be best if you heated the nozzle again to the last temperature. It was heated before and use those two wrenches. It would be best if you used the crescent wrench to hold onto the heater block and use the socket wrench to twist off the nozzle. But be careful and stay away from all the hot parts. The socket wrench, with its twisting function, will remove the nozzle for you.

Other ways to assist the removal of the nozzle

If and only if, this last step does not prove fruitful, you can use the blow torch to burn the remaining particles in the nozzle and use the filament to remove it and then repeat the twisting procedure. Moreover, if your printer gets clogged because of using ABS, in this case, you should use acetone as it will dissolve the ABS away.