10 Apps Like Age of Conquest IV

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Age of Conquest IV is a free 2D Single-player, Multiplayer, Indie game, and Turn-based grand Strategy war game developed by Noble Master Games. It is operated on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Classic Mac OS.

It is the best game in which you take command of your army, expand your kingdom by eliminating foes, conquer the whole world, and do everything you want. Conquer different empires including Roman Empire, Asia, Japan, Inca, China, and France amongst others.

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Furthermore, you can manage your country’s economy, manage the population, hold festivals, management of every city, diplomacy, and message. Edit maps to your choice and balance Al. Receive achievements, high scores, and ELO ratings.


  • Free 2D Single-player and Multiplayer
  • Indie game
  • Turn-based grand Strategic war game
  • Command of your army
  • Conquer the whole world
  • Manage the country’s economy
  • Hold festivals
  • Diplomacy
  • Messaging
  • Edit maps
  • Receive achievements and high scores

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Asia Empire is a free Turned-based Strategy game developed by iGindis Games. It allows you to select more than 50 different countries, lead your country, make strategies, and play against your rival country. Build your empire, do everything from diplomacy to war, and use both military and economical powers. You could supply weapons to Russia, China, the EU, and the USA. In a multiplayer option, 8 players play on a single device and send and receive messages to other players.…

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Age of Colonization: Economic strategy is a free Strategy based game developed by Oxiwyle. It is an interesting geopolitical strategy game that is played by people all over the world. Become the ruler of one of the great powers of Europe and ready to fight the Roman Empire, mighty France, and England, the aggressive savages. Build your army, perform spy missions, attack other countries and take their resources, and defend your country from attacks. Furthermore, entering peace agreements and selling…

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Supremacy 1914 - WW1 Strategy is a free Real-time Strategy game developed by Bytro Labs. Select any country, lead the nation, and maintain your army, weapons, rare resources, and other materials. Make excellent trade deals and war against your rivals. Develop a country and overcome the world with your nation. With real-time multiplayer option, play with more than 500 real opponents per map. Enjoy Realistic unit movement and distances, Real-world different Vehicles, Many destructive Weapons, Multiple Maps, Historical units, Easy…

World Empire is a free Single-player, Multiplayer, and Turn-based strategy war game developed by iGindis Games. Firstly, you will select your favorite country, flag, and your political ideology. Attack neighboring countries and capture their troops. If you fail to maintain a short number of captured forces so that country may revolt and change allegiances to another player. You will be nominated by parliament then lead your country, you have Unlimited authority, Power of rebuilding things, build your empire, enhance your…

War: Battle and Conquest is a free Online, Multiplayer, Strategy based game developed by Buldogo Games. Lead a rule of a General, deploy troops, attack rivals, and use all war tactics to conquer the world. It is a mixture of the classic board game by fans of Risk, Axis, Risiko, and Allies. As a General, at every turn, you have to develop your strategy, make plans, attack, defense, and Unlock advanced Weapons. Rise to the level of four-star and unlock…

Territorial.io is a free Single-player, Multiplayer, and Strategy game for Android, iOS, and Web browsers developed by David Tschacher. In this game, you can conquest territory and select to become the nation of any name and place. Your mission is simply to gather enough balance to increase your territory by connecting empty land, fighting other nations, and traveling to new continents. Territorial.io comes with a variety of maps to choose from, each with different regions and conditions. Choose your position…

Europe Empire is a free Multiplayer and Turned-based Strategy game for Android developed by iGindis Games. Lead your selected country to build the empire and wisely spend your time on the implementation of the right strategies and tactics. In this game, the president of the US has decided to focus on domestic issues after promising that US troops will no longer be sent to foreign wars and he begins to withdraw his army worldwide. Do everything like diplomacy to war,…

Antiyoy is a free Turned-based strategy game for Android and iOS developed by Yiotro. In this game, you will enjoy a cool and amazing series of civilizations with multiple challenging levels and features. You must maximize your civilization before destroying it through enemy cultures. You must work on military and cultural aspects to maintain a balance that allows you to grow more than your income. You can create farms that allow you to make the most of the land you…

Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics is a free Strategy game for mobile developed by Rival Regions Games. In this game, you can create a political party, gain votes, and take seats in the parliament like in the real world. Search your friends and work with them to create a state on the world map and increase its economic power by enlarging the state’s borders. Fight against your rivals for the law and independence of your region. You…

RISK: Global Domination is a free Online co-op, Single-player, Multiplayer, Board war game, and Strategic game developed by SMG Studio. It is operated on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems. It is the diplomacy, conflict, and victory game for 2 to 6 players. It gives you a political map of 6 continents and 42 regions. Control your army, and the main goal is to capture every territory of other players with your tactics. Fight for the honor of your…


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