8 Sites Like AbeBooks

AbeBooks refers to the platform that can offer its users an extensive range of collectibles and books with the interaction of leading sources across the globe. This platform can let its clients get the facilitates associated with aspects, such as selling, buying, and bidding on hundreds of thousands of collectibles, signed copies, first edition items, rare prints, and much more.

It can even permit its customers to access the advanced search engine that they can utilize to directly find anything with the ability to set up a listing, compare prices, sell items without paying any charges, and more. AbeBooks also comes with pre-established trade & collections from millions of dealers so that anyone can directly engage with them to obtain used, new, out-of-print, rare, and other books & products in no time.


  • Pre-established items
  • Largest collections of books
  • Antiquarian booksellers
  • Out-of-print books
  • Independent sellers

AbeBooks Alternatives


1. Better World Books

Better World Books is an international American online store where anyone can buy Books. This site sells used and new books and has been serving people worldwide for 20 years, launched in 2002. Better World Books also donates free books to many libraries for public services. People can find out books just by author names, ISBN, and title. In addition, this website offers some sales and deals to users to buy bundles of books at reasonable prices. Better World Books…

2. Thrift Books

Thrift Books is a giant online web-based book-selling market launched in 2003. This website offers used and new books of high quality. Thrift Books guarantees books at affordable prices to users. This website also provides different categories of content on movies, news, and blogs. Furthermore, Thrift Books also sells bundles of books in deals everyone can afford. It updates users about trending and newly published books by different authors. People can shop for books to categorize in which they are…

3. Particl Marketplace

Particl Marketplace is private e-commerce that allows people to buy and sells goods and services. This website offers no other person to be included while buying and selling online. People can browse and view products privately without any cookies. Particl Marketplace provides absolute freedom to its users with no middle man between them. It decentralized networks of users that allows to control and moderate this site. Particl Marketplace provides guidelines about buying and selling process and obtains part. This website…

4. Abe Books

Abe Books is an online global e-commerce marketplace that offers comics, books, magazines, and more. This website fills people's shelves with reasonably priced new, used, and collectible books. Abe Books provides readers in different languages collected from 50 countries. In addition to this website, People can sell their rare books at affordable prices on Abe Books. People can search books via an advanced search tool in which they are allowed to write the costs and conditions of books, magazines, and…

5. Book Mooch

Book Mooch is international online books changing community founded in 2006. This website offers to exchange books with people and get new books via trading. Book Mooch allows its members to connect with other people and request to exchange books in seven different languages. Book Mooch is a free website with optional sign-up. Book Mooch also offers mobile versions in the Play Store and Apple Store. It provides Mooch Bar tools through which users can buy and exchange books directly…

6. World Cat

World Cat is a union catalog that contains hundreds of institutes for students in many counties. This website is now managed and operated by OCLC. This website connects its users with a collection of more than 10000 libraries worldwide. It also provides DVDs, Blogs, Books, and Articles on different topics. Furthermore, World Cat is available in 14 other languages. Users can quickly get knowledge and help for their primary purposes through World Cat. People can write, review, and create a…

7. Book Finder

Book finder is a vertical website that helps people buy books online, launched in 1997. If anyone is interested in purchasing cheap books, then this site is the best choice for them. This website sells used books, rare books, out-of-print papers, and low prices books. Users can purchase books at affordable prices from¬†¬† Book finder. This site includes books in different types of languages. Furthermore, Book finder uses ISBN codes to locate book address that people wants to buy. This…

8. Alibris

Alibris is an independent online store network selling used, new, and rare books. This website sells books on music, movies, and so many more different kind of content. Anyone can quickly sell their used books or some printed papers on this website. Alibris also provides blogs on additional content. It categorizes the books into subcategories. It also allows users to browse books of new releases or old ones. Adults and young kids can also write and sell books on Alibris.…