5 Sites Like Polyvore (Ssense)

Polyvore (Also Known as Ssense) is one of the most popular community-powered social commerce websites that give users the ability to collages clothes, shoes, and beauty products. The site also helps you plan fashionable luxury outfits that your ideas for shopping or even make cool photos for your social media accounts.

It has millions of users around the world who daily create and share their fashion ideas. Ssense also uses fashion designers to know about trends and enhance their creativity. The interface of the site is quite easy to understand where you can easily explore, save, upload and share stuff without any limit.

1. Urstyle

Urstyle is the fastest-growing social commerce website that allows you to become a stylist. It is known as one of the best Polyvore alternatives that contain all the prominent features with some new features to make it a one-stop platform for fashion lovers.

It contains more than 10 million unique products around the world and also daily updates with thousands of new stuff to make it one of the best.

Urstyle even lets you import your own ideas that were made on Polyvore or other platforms. It is an easy-to-navigate site with clear instructions and has iOS and Android apps that mean you can access its service anywhere around the world.  

2. TrendMe

TrendMe describes itself as the #1 fashion social network that helps you show your style off to the world. The site allows you to easily shop the trendy products, shoes, and outfits as well as follow world fashion trends.

It is similar to sites like Polyvore and comes with lots of similar features including change background, change mode, add text and buildings, etc. It is a pure thriving community app that allows you to add your fashion ideas and get real-time feedbacks around the world.  

3. Shoplook

Shoplook is specially designed for fashion lovers who want to know about the latest fashion trends or even share their own ideas without any limit. It is a comprehensive fashion social network that has millions of users around the world who can daily explore, save, upload, and share their fashion ideas.

The site also focuses on showing you where to buy the look you are creating sets with helping you easily curate your online style as well as wear it in real life. There is also an option to set a price range when searching that saves lots of time and effort. Shoplook is the best choice app for those who want to buy the items they select.

4. Villoid

Villoid is one of the most leading sites pioneered by style icon celebrity Alexa Chung for fashion lovers to easily know about the latest fashion trends. Like Polyvore, it also allows fashion lovers to free explore, collection and share fashion images.

The site feature more than 4000 leading brands that Villoid stocks. It also has a huge community of fashion freaks who daily share their ideas to easily find and buy trendy fashion outfits. Villoid offers quite a simple and easy-to-understand interface to quite find and share stuff.

5. FashMates

FashMates is another site like Polyvore.com that calls itself a fashion social network that allows you to freely explore, collect and share your looks and with like-minded people around the world. It contains more than 18 million products and 500+ top brands to make it a one-stop solution.

One of the most interesting facts about this fashion social network site is that it has a contest feature that allows you to compare with your sets and letting other users in the community vote. This brings is the fun level of competitiveness to the fashion world to play in a light-hearted way.   

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