12 Best Offline Games for Android to Entertain Students

Mobile games have become an integral part of our lives. Game creators develop new games for their users that are more exciting and realistic every time. The key players of the games are the pupils and students. Games help them distract from their studies. But there are mishaps when a young person all evening playing the game and forgets to do the job. But it’s not a problem, in such cases, they say: I need Writingapaper to write a paper for me as it is the best online service. Ordering a task takes only a few minutes, so you can continue to play your favorite game.

Let’s look at the most popular games for Android. In this article, we have provided a list of games and their brief description. We hope you will choose the most interesting one for yourself.

1. Subway Surfers

This game is suitable for both children and adults. It is optimized for any device. The game will be one of the favorites for those who love running games. You can choose the character of your choice. This game is sure you will not get tired in the first days, unlike many other games.

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2. Magic Rampage

This game will not leave anyone indifferent. You have to get to the hiding places. And in this, you will help hide things if you find them. This platformer has ten two-dimensional levels. The equipping system of characters and unexpected secret places will impress you for a long time.

3. Gunspell

We promise this is the best combination of RPG and the beloved three-in-a-row puzzle game. The game requires you to explore spaces, but dangerous substances will try to get in your way. Knowing how to pick up winning combinations of different elements can activate the necessary skills to move forward.

4. Soul Knight

If you like searching for treasure and killing monsters in the dungeons, this game is just for you. The variety of characters allows you to immerse yourself in the game atmosphere. You can be an elf, an outlaw, an alchemist, a knight, a mage, or even an assassin. Each hero has his own set of abilities. The peculiarity of this game is that you can pass the game several times, and you will not be bored as the levels are generated in a new way each time. Items are always located in new places, and routes are anew. You have available boxes with different things that help you pass the level.

5. The Dark Book

It is a fascinating role-playing game in which you have to go a long way to become a hero in the form of a skeleton. In the game, you will navigate the character and add new abilities. You will be looking for a magic book. You will meet good characters and monsters to destroy. In this game, you can use magic spells, not just weapons.

6. Skull Towers

Fans of magic will love this game from the first few minutes. You will be a brave archer who defends his city from monsters in the form of orcs, trolls, and zombies. Your character must constantly be improved so that he can build towers.

7. Hungry Shark World

It is a game for fans of the deep sea. You will control fearsome sharks that devour everything in their path. Remember that one predator can eat another monster. Be careful, though.

8. Space Marshals 2

This game promotes thinking and strategic planning skills up front. You will have to catch criminals in your galaxy. You must shoot successfully and learn how to pick up equipment and gear. To complete missions, we advise you to learn to be stealthy.

9. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

This is a popular puzzle game with horror elements and cartoon graphics. The main character of the game is Jason Voorhees. He is a homicidal maniac who stalks his victims. In the game, you can pass more than 100 levels. During the game, the player on each level interferes with cats, cops, and even Jason’s mom. Be careful as you may get trapped. The game can be set up to be a quiet level with no terrifying scenes.

10. Alto’s Adventure

It is a two-dimensional jogger that loves all students. Riding a snowboard is the main task of the game. It looks pretty realistic. Each new track is unique, with weather effects and dynamic lighting.

11. Grand Mountain Adventure

It is a sports game where you have to snowboard and ski. Ski resorts and huge slopes around the world await you. In the full version, there are 100 challenges available in 10 kinds. They are slopestyle, freeride, big-air, and many others.

12. Drift Max Pro

It is a game for fans of car racing and drifting. You have the opportunity to perform tuning of your vehicles. You can choose a career mode where you can pass tests, earn money and even build your garage. Races take place in world-famous cities such as Tokyo or New York. You can not only use the cars of different brands but also create your unique car, unlike any other.