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Remember The Matrix? The world is data. Information. You can’t possibly read or simply look over all of it, remember how difficult it was to see matrix? All news has to be fun and useful on daily basis. After all, like, I take some time to New York Times, however, it would be nice to have sites you can totally surf and feel just like reading something substantial. Infotainment, but not infomercials which are all over us recently. Reddit is typically the most popular one.

Reddit is alive and kicking. Here is how it seems these days. We have had a lot of sad news recently, but here is a great one – you can make $1000 US in the event that you feature a new trendy discussion!

By the way, I still remember how disappointed I was when I realized that Earthporn is all about planet Earth.
Reddit feels unlimited and endless, however, in 2015 it came crashing down for a while. So, what else is there?


Voat declares to be censorship-free right away. That’s a good start. That is also the site most much like Reddit. You only get Subversives instead of Subreddits. But the first page, unlike Reddit, doesn’t hit you with megatons of information. The user can totally ease engrossed in a second. At this time it’s offering things like How Old Floppy Disks Worked link from YouTube, quite a few discussions of the other day shootings including Turkish coup attempt, the medical article about immunity system and a brainiac level article on physics. Variety is unquestionably here.


Signing for fun items to read or ask sounds pretty nerdy. And it’s nerdy, but also classy. It’s a question-and-answer site the place where a community of users ask, answer and edit one another with perfect grammar (probably perfect). Facebook users will soon be happy to listen to that Quora was founded by Facebook people Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Those guys were crazy about Q&A sites. But as you see it needs users to register with their real names as opposed to an Internet nicknames (screen name), and the site is basically unusable if a person is not logged in and using cookies.


Just the first picture can let you know that it’s more liberal thinking compared to the ones above. Newsvine syndicates content from major sources a significant lot. That means it is a news aggregator. You can write your articles as well. Citizen journalism at its best here.There are only 2 important buttons on this site. “Show Articles” and “Show Seeds.


With Popurls you can check current headlines of everything. Reddit, The Verge, Digg, Flickr, Huffington Post, Metafilter, Longform, YouTube, Google, Buzzfeed, and a great many other major news outlets. And articles that seemingly originate from nowhere just like the funny thing I recently found: “10 Amazing Services for The Rich”


Only the articles most voted for land on the main page. Easy to navigate interface can help you find only the niches you prefer. At this time I am reading “How to Fix Flying” article. It’s helping me to love flying again! Some paid to feature articles are here as well. Nevertheless, they maintain the product quality standards.


This thing daresay to PREDICT everything you are looking for. Except you’ve to inform it what you want first, like tech, sports, “iPhone awesomeness”, etc. Then StumbleUpon will feed you just the headlines you like. Although this site could possibly be overwhelming the same as other, people arrive at love it.

Hacker News

Yes, Hacker News is all about IT stuff. Surprisingly it does not look as if creative IT people ever touched it.The people are most likely busy hacking somebody. But if you should be an IT guy you may also find a job here. Just click the “jobs” button in the middle of that orange line.


Mashable appears like a typical news website. Just as with news sites you can choose a global region, e.g. Asia, Australia or UK. Although the final one exited Europe and currently is merely an island. The entertainment part is really extensive here. Plus Social media, Lifestyle and Watercooler departments here soon add up to the most leisurely aggregator in our list.

Digital Journal

The alternative of Mashable is very serious Digital Journal. Condensed relevant civil journalism right here. Digital Journal is an empowering tool for folks who wish to go from posting their opinions on Facebook to something J-word worthy. Literally, this is a place when you’re able to start with personal stuff in an elegant way and obtain a share of the website’s revenue.


This is a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to killing time. Countless videos and audios and other clickable little things will stop you awake until morning. New stuff every couple of minutes, your reading skills better be well above average.

Reddit and some these sites are extremely popular. Sites like that will keep popping up must be few thousand visitors are guaranteed. So, this list cannot possibly be ever complete. The funny thing is you can visit Reddit or Mashable or some others and request an excellent alternative. This will depend on more how much data you can consume in a lifetime.

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