Top10 GPS-based Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon GO

To state that games like Pokémon GO have taken the planet by storm would still be a huge understatement. Currently, millions of men and women have committed themselves to catching ’em all ‘. The premise of the game is pretty simple: it makes use of your physical location (via GPS) and combines this with Augmented Reality (AR). This makes the Pokémon you encounter seem to appear ‘in front of you ‘. The truth is, the AR tech is nothing more than superimposing an animated Pikachu (or every other Pokémon) within your camera’s viewfinder. Still, the full total effect of the GPS / AR gameplay has been well-received by fans.

  1. SpecTrek

SpecTrek is more of a confined experience than Pokémon GO. You’ll play it for a few minutes, dashing about the spot to get as numerous ghosts that you can, and then repeat the whole process from scratch. You can beat your previous high scores as well as turn the complete experience right into a group exercise activity. Worth checking out for anyone searching for augmented reality games like Pokémon GO with a Ghostbuster twist.

  1. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt Game (yes, that’s its full title) has you finding treasure and the guardians that protect it. Similar to other augmented reality video games like Pokémon GO, you can use Google Maps to find near location to get the treasure before switching to AR mode to nail the complete location of the jewels, gold, and gems.

  1. Ingress

Ingress was made by Niantec, the exact same people who developed Pokémon GO. It’s thus easy to see how this is the starting point for lots of the latter’s key ideas. However, this game’s unique emphasis on territorial conquest is enough reason to offer it a go.

  1. Resources Game

Resources Game has one major feature in accordance with Pokémon GO: it’s reliance on your GPS positioning. The game lets you set virtual oil rigs in real-world locations. You’ll then start to construct advanced refineries, claim natural resources, and then sell everything in an endeavor to construct your oil empire to be bigger than Shell and BP combined.

  1. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon

Like Pokémon GO, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon is an interesting gaming take on GPS tech. tracking the amount of people visiting locations is just a neat idea, and creating a whole housing market out of virtual properties is mighty impressive. This happens to be a game worth a shot!

  1. Pokémon Dream Radar

With a name like Pokémon Dream Radar, it should be fairly obvious there’s going to be at the very least some similarities to Pokémon GO. For a start, the object of both games is to capture Pokémon. However, you’ll be doing this in Pokémon Dream Radar with the 3DS’camera rather than making use of your phone. The game also offers the exact same AR element to Pokémon GO, crafting its gameplay almost entirely across the tech.

  1. The “Denpa” Men: They Came By Wave

Another 3DS game that shares a great deal in accordance with Pokémon GO is The “Denpa” Men. Similar to many augmented reality games like Pokémon GO, you’ll be tasked with finding, battling, and capturing weird creatures that are hiding in the actual world.

  1. Invizimals: The Resistance

Invizimals is virtually Sony’s early attempt to produce augmented reality games like Pokémon GO. It sees you utilizing the Vita’s camera to capture creatures via intense battles, much like you do in Pokémon GO.

  1. Geocaching

Geocaching is as being similar to many games like Pokémon GO in the sense that you’re on a hunt. A hunt for just what? Well, you won’t understand what you’re getting until you get it. Geocaching provides you with a GPS location that you’ll require to make the right path to. The app doesn’t give you a precise location, more of a radius. It’s then your decision to get the Geocache, which may be a hidden box saturated in someone’s old toot or possibly a USB stick saturated in random .txt files. Your guess is as effective as ours!

  1. Clandestine Anomaly

Similar to Pokémon GO, Clandestine Anomaly contains both AR battles and GPS based gameplay. You’re essentially battling aliens that are attacking the Earth, requiring you to whip out your phone to shoot them down.

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