Top Text Messaging Games

So you’ve never heard of texting games before? Well, in the event that you ask us, these titles be seemingly much better than other competing options, as you can enjoy them with friends and family anywhere and at just about any time, without a smartphone or an internet connection. So the next time you’re stuck in a not-so-exciting meeting or lecture you can’t wait to try to escape from, all you want is a cellular phone and you’re good to go. Have a glance at all the games we have prearranged for you that could surely kill the boredom ghoul.

6 Text Messaging Games

  1. Cross Streets

First up, the Cross Streets game may be easily enjoyed with friends, while you’re commuting to work or school and have nothing more straightforward to do. If you’re armed with a camera phone, simply snap a picture of whatever you come across in route, such as a shop or a movie theater and send it as a text to a pal. The overall game requires your friend to spot which place it is and if he or she fails to do this, you win. You may even enjoy this simple game with multiple friends and learn who’s the fastest in regards to recognizing the landmarks in your city, town or neighborhood. In addition you have the option of creating it a little more interesting by providing clues concerning the location. Besides a good way to pass time, additionally, it provides you with to be able to flaunt how you know your city.

  1. Hangman

Next on our set of messaging games is Hangman that we’re sure, you’ve enjoyed with friends as a child. This extremely simple game can be easily enjoyed over SMS. You are able to preset the principles yourself, pertaining to the full time limit and the amount of guesses or categories. Once that’s determined, you can ask your friend to pick a type and predicated on that, you can put forth a word for him or her to identify. You may also record points and choose a winner at the conclusion of it all.

  1. I Spy

That is another game that you may have enjoyed at birthday parties or in the car while traveling and now, you can relive those fun experiences with childhood friends over simple text messages. In order to play it with this specific new twist, you’ll first have to see your buddies about your exact whereabouts so they’ve a good idea about what type of objects you may be looking at. So once you’ve stated your local area via SMS, simply punch in ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter S,’ and hit the send button in order for them to guess just what you saw. So if you are at a mall, they may produce words like shirt, skirt or sandals. You are able to either wait for your friend to spot the object or decide exactly how many guesses are allowed at the start itself.

  1. Guess the object

Another interesting pastime that people have contained in our roster of messaging games is Guess the object, that will be somewhat much like Cross Streets, but a great deal more difficult. Here again you require the camera capability of the device to click a picture of an item you want friends and family to spot and send it in their mind with a picture message. But here comes the twist. When you’re taking a snapshot, ensure that the topic involved is partially visible. You are able to either capture a close up photo of the object or maybe even click an alternative angle of the same. Basically, you’ve to help make the object difficult to guess. You are able to set the principles ahead of time and even decide upon an occasion limit, in the event that you wish.

  1. Break the word

If you’re looking to boost your vocabulary while on the move, we suggest you take a peek at Break the word. This multiplayer game enables you to contend with friends via SMS. Firstly, you would need to pick one person because the judge to text you a word that you simply will need to jumble around and form numerous words. As an example, if the judge sends you ‘Constantinople,’ you can produce words like constant, pole, inn, tint, stop and many more, in just a stipulated time frame. When the judge receives messages from all the participants, he can determine the last scores with respect to the amount of words all of them sent in and subsequently choose a winner.

  1. Truth or Dare

And finally, the final game inside our range of messaging games can be the absolute most entertaining of the lot. Truth or Dare, also referred to as spin the bottle, can also be played through text messages. To start the game, you must ask friends and family to pick either truth or dare. If they choose truth, you can simply ask a question and wait for the reply but when they select the latter option, you can dare friends and family to accomplish a lot of things. And just in order that they don’t cheat, you can ask them for proof with a picture or video message.

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