Top Strategy Games Like Boom Beach

Boom Beach represents a growing niche in mobile gaming that’s an enormous marketing force behind it. Games like Boom Beach are being pushed as they are highly profitable, yes, but they’re also being pushed hard because they’re fun and addictive.

  1. Shadow Kings

Build an unstoppable desert army worthy of the Sultan himself! Expand your camp, manage resources, and strengthen your ranks to be able to eradicate the evil Shadow Empire and restore peace to your Kingdom.

  1. Toy Defense 2

An addictive military tower defense game that charges one to command a military of… await it…toys! End up your troops and compete in a number of challenging modes.

  1. Jungle Heat

You will end up battling mosquitoes and trench foot as you amass a military with enough oil and gold to help keep the engine turning. Build a strong command center to safeguard your troops against enemy invasions.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2

An award-winning mobile tower defense game that tasks you with strategically placing and upgrading your plant army to fight off the relentless zombie incursion.

  1. Battle Beach

It’s a game very much like Boom Beach, but with increased battles and less boom. Protect your resources and strengthen your ranks to safeguard the waters from enemy forces.

  1. Samurai Siege

This absolve to play strategy game like Boom Beach has you harnessing the power of the Samurai to be able to command and control a military of ruthless warriors.

  1. Great Little War Game

An exceptional strategy game worthy of the cost tag. Here is the Cadillac of mobile strategy games, with enhanced graphics, speedy gameplay and a slew of options to keep you engaged as you eliminate opposing armies.

  1. Legendary Wars

A Mobile Strategy game like Boom Beach that can only be referred to Legendary Wars as High-class production values compliment a great and unique strategy gameplay experience. Create your team and go wild with your powers to dominate the units of fellows.

  1. Battle Command

Battle Command sends you into the near future to control a rag-tag ensemble of underdog soldiers as you fight off opposing players. Control your forces, deals with enemies and destroy their units, bases and structure to win the battles. Earn points and upgrades your towers, and more.

  1. Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy puts you in an entirely realized fantasy setting as you construct a military and strategize against invading rival kingdoms. Take part in real-time battles with a diverse pair of enemies, both human and beast!

  1. Pocket Fort

A system defense game for the casual player. Pocket Fort could have you building a military and battling hordes of pirates as you strengthen your troops for many out pocket war!

  1. Tiny Defense

Tiny Defense is one of the very best 2D tower defense games, as well as one of the most addicting. You’re tasked with protecting the adorable, peaceful Minirobots from the invading ‘Machines.’

  1. Tower Madness 2

The sequel to the most popular tower defense game is twice as good as the first! Tower Madness 2 contains 70 devious maps to perfect, and 7 gripping campaigns to embark on.

  1. Battle Dragons

You’d me at battle dragons. This absolve to play strategy game is like Boom Beach but with dragons. That’s pretty much all that’s necessary to know.

  1. Star Wars Commander

Star Wars fans rejoice! Commander is really a base-building strategy game like Boom Beach that takes devote the familiar Star Wars universe.

  1. Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates is really a sea-worthy adventure highlighted by beautiful, colorful graphics and intense real-time strategy gameplay. Build-up your base and plunder booty. Just do not get scurvy. No one likes scurvy.


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