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The similar web is a fantastic application which you need to use it on your own Mac, Linux, and the windows as well, so you will get all the web related analytics information. Here you obtain access even to understand all the details related to your website like estimated Traffic, Backlinks, Global rank, Bounce rate, etc.

It can let you know what pages of your website are doing what and then how are they reacting, all the statistics that occurs may be at your fingertips with the aid of this app.

5 Traffic Predicting Sites like Similarweb

Here you will get even a choice as you can also track the similar sites like your searched sites. If you should be trying to find a few of the alternatives for the similar web.


The major focus of Alexa provides the exclusive on delivering the richest and then your most meaningful analytics tools for the customers. The Alexa traffic estimates are based on the data from the global traffic panel. Which can be the sample of an incredible number of the internet users using one of the unique browser extensions. Also, we gather much of our traffic data from the direct sources in the form of the sites which are chosen to put in the Alexa script on the site and then certify the matrix.


If you should be trying to find the idea from unique sites, so that will allow you to implement those ideas in your website, here you are able to track all the keywords of the finest site. So you can the whole details and then you can put all those ideas on your own website and expect the best-optimized results for your site. So the spyfu may be the most effective website, which can provide you the most effective idea for your keyword choice and even make the SEO of one’s official site.

Google Similar Pages

This is actually the site presented by the google and the other of the finest keyword tracking site. This similar google pages won’t provide you any analysis, but the outcome you obtain would be the similar pages with the most effective ultimate keyword tracking facility. The google similar pages site may be accessed on the smartphones and the web as well since this page is having the huge selection of widest coverage. This is actually the major feature of this site. It works as you are able to just put an URL as well as place a few of the keywords to have the most effective alternatives.

AD clarity

Ad clarity is a fantastic app which can give you a good support for your website surfing and even the web promotion. You are able to run through the alternatives and then schedule yourself for the better view. This AD clarity is surely going to be the real-time support provider since you will find it on all of the platforms, even such as the Linux and the windows.


This really is one the most effective site which is a similar one to the similar web. That’ll provide you the right result and the whole details of this site. Here you are able to just type URL of one site, then get the crawling report of that particular site and you will see the whole details of the website. Aherfs even allow you to with the keywords and some other supports as well. You are able to apply them easily in your website and then get the right result for your site. It’s worth checking this site. The sole disadvantage is the cost but it’s worth it.

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