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Finding more servers means being able to play with a growth of individuals and being able to enjoy your chosen games at their best.

ListForge has been one of many leading server list sites for quite some time now, but what a lot of people don’t know is that there are many other server list sites which are just of the exact same quality, some are even better. We’ve experienced the web for days searching to discover the most effective of them.

Explore our curated pair of server list sites like ListForge below and take advantage of your online gaming experience. Be sure to leave an assessment below to let’s know which server list sites you would like the absolute most and especially – happy gaming!

  • BestServers
  • ServerPact
  • Game Tracker
  • Just-Wiped
  • TopG


BestServers is one of many leading server list sites online. With the ability to browse multiple lists of servers for numerous games, you’ll have the most effective gaming experience when utilizing BestServers. They’ve server lists for games like Minecraft, Arma 3, Rust and many more. The beautiful design layout allows you to you actually to quickly see which servers are online, the sum total amount of online players, today’s map, the uptime percentage and more details. With thousands upon a sizable quantity of listed servers, your go-to server list site will quickly become BestServers. Have a peek now and you won’t be disappointed.


One of many top features of ServerPact is being able to vote for the chosen servers to aid you let others know the ones that are best. Play on the absolute most used servers or explore their lists at this time at ServerPact.

Game Tracker

Game Tracker is another one of many top alternatives to ListForge online. Whether you’re searching for server lists for Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead 2 along with Ark, Game Tracker causes it to be easy. Alongside lists of the finest gaming servers online, there’s also a residential district, which enables you to communicate employing their whole community. This lets you get input from actual gamers.


 Just-Wiped is another one of many great sites like ListForge that produces finding server lists a breeze. Just-Wiped’s been with us for quite some time now and features a nice degree of followers. However, one of many downsides to Just-Wiped is that it specializes in Rust servers alone, so if you’re searching for Minecraft server lists or some other games, you are apt to be out of luck when by using this site.


 TopG, also known as Top 100 Gaming is another one of many great server list sites like ListForge. TopG brings you private server lists with a some of the newest games on the market and tons of lists are included to aid you usually find what you’re looking for. Among the best reasons for having TopG is you could add your personal listing cost-free at TopG and have significantly more exposure for the gaming servers.

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