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Flexshopper was founded in 2003, since then, this rent your can purchase, no credit check website has been rising in the ranks. Situated in Boca Raton Florida, Flexshopper now has over 125 employees. This company provides durable goods for its customers on a lease you can purchase basis. Flexshoppers offers over 85,000 products on its website.

When you search Flexshopper, you will find furniture, musical instruments, electronics, and more. Flexshopper can save you as much as 70% off retail cost and the capability to make small installments offers you more freedom with your budget. Once you apply, approval is very speedy and you are able to qualify for $2,500 instant spending money. When you’ve chosen your items, you are able to sign an online document. From there, you have to watch for your order to arrive. Flexshopper is that simple.

Consider this website next time you feel like treating yourself with a brand new gaming console or mattress and don’t forget that this is also a great place to search for gifts of all sorts.If you like the notion of making small payments for something you just need to have, have a look at these other sites like Flexshopper below, you’re sure to get precisely what you’re looking for with low prices to match.

  • TSC
  • Fingerhut
  • HSN
  • Stoneberry
  • Rent A Center
  • Sky Mall


TSC, or The Shopping Channel, is headquartered in Mississauga Ontario. This addition to your set of rent you can purchase sites like Flexshopper is one of the best. TSC is a multi-channel retailer that offers a vast range of products and brand names. This business provides a unique experience every time you shop. On the TSC website, you will find entertainment, inspiration, and more with each visit. This business also provides excellent customer care, top quality products, convenience, and exceptional prices. TSC has shoes, cosmetics, fitness equipment, fashion, kitchen gadgets, and a lot more. Start browsing this website to see everything available. Check out the TSC homepage for extra savings and benefit from the free shipping on all orders over $150.


Founded in 1948 by William Fingerhut, the corporation started selling automobile seat covers. Since then, Fingerhut has flourished into selling a variety of goods in a variety of categories. On this website, you’ll find rent you’re can purchase electronics, and rent you can purchase furniture online. Fingerhut has one of the largest selections online for you to browse. This site has anything you’ve been looking for, and you can pay a little at any given time, there’s nothing better than that. All the items on this website are brand names and everything is affordable. Apply for credit now to see the amount of money you can use to get everything you wish to treat yourself with.


This business started being an American cable show that demonstrated trendy products on your own screen and gave you the likelihood to order by calling in. Nowadays, you can still watch HSN on your own cable network but you may also choose the shown items, and more, online. In either case, you can pay that off at one time or decide to produce installments. On this website, you’ll find items for every single room of your home, clothing, shoes, makeup, toys, sports-related items, and a huge amount of other things. Start browsing the HSN to locate a number of the coolest gadgets in the world, for less.


Our set of alternatives to Flexshopper must include Stoneberry. Stoneberry has a lot of ideas to get you to live better now. This web store has a huge amount of online rent you can purchase products. On this website, you’ll find brand name electronics, appliances, apparel, footwear, jewelry, home furnishings and decor, personal maintenance systems, and a lot more. This business is over 100 years of age, they know a great deal about retail and credit plans. If you’ve been searching to discover the best rent your can purchase website on the internet, we’ve got you covered with Stoneberry. You won’t be disappointed with this specific online shop, we guarantee.

Rent A Center

This addition to your set of online rent you can purchase sites like Flexshopper was only available in 1973. Rent A Center, situated in Plano Texas, is an American furniture and electronics company. Rent A Center accounts for 35% of the worlds rent you can purchase market. This business has over 1400 locations in Canada and the United States. Rent A Center is associated with ColorTyme and RimTyme. On this website, you may get approval for an appropriate payment plan that works together with your budget. Rent A Center doesn’t demand a credit check and approvals are sent within 24 hours. This business will change your life. Save time, spend less, and find brand name furniture and electronics to furnish and complete your home on the Rent A Center website.

Sky Mall

The theory was to offer travelers the possibility to purchase unique items during their flight, that was a long time before the existence of the internet. Since websites exist, Sky Mall can be obtained on your own cellular phone or home pc. There isn’t to get an airplane ticket to get these things anymore. The Sky Mall website has unique and interesting items, luxury goods, novelty treasures, and genius answers to everyday problems. Payment plans can be found on certain items and your goods are usually delivered quickly. Shipping is always free in the event that you order more than $50 worth of merchandise on the Sky Mall website.

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