Top Sites Like Dailymotion

Sites like Dailymotion enable you to settle-back and enjoy tons of content that are categorized under an array of sections. From news and TV shows to home videos and short movies, these portals have them all covered and then some. And besides just watching, most of them even allow you to share your videos with the world. Now if you’re looking for something quite similar to the name in question that delivers the aforesaid features, well you will take complete advantage of all of the titles mentioned here. Everyone is full of a unique interesting attributes, with many even proffering dedicated mobile applications so you can soak in all of the fun while on the run.

7 Sites Like Dailymotion

  1. YouTube

Once you consider video sharing, what’s first thing that pops into your brain? Well, most entertainment enthusiasts available could possibly find themselves shouting out the name of this specific mention. Created in 2005, the fun-filled treat is home to truckloads of user-generated video content along with TV clips, movie shots, music videos, short originals, educational content and video blogging. This 1 even provides a broad audience by extending its reach to different countries and complying with a host of languages. You can find even free dedicated iOS and Android apps which enable you to gain access to its entire video catalog along with playlists, subscriptions and uploads.

  1. Vimeo

This entrant in our sites much like Dailymotion roster forays onto the scenario with the tagline, ‘your videos belong here.’ Wondering what you certainly can do during your stay here? Well for starters, you’ll have the ability to upload and store your private videos like personal moments, professional work and creative projects, among others. You can even choose who gets to view your precious content. Additionally, it comes full of user-friendly tools and privacy settings.

  1. Metacafe

Founded nearly a decade ago, this video sharing portal claims to specialize in short-form videos among other forms of content. Once you hop onto this specific online space, you are able to expect you’ll start to see the acme lot of videos strewn across various categories such as for instance video games, viral, popular now, web originals, Bollywood, movies, music, TV and sports. Anticipate to witness exclusive and original video content along with innovative custom creative solutions. You’ll further have the ability to espy a ‘currently trending’ section on the left-hand side of the page.

  1. Yahoo! Screen

With only a press of a switch, you’ll have the ability to explore content that’s neatly fitted into categories such as for instance living, news and finance, comedy, sports, entertainment, gaming and Y! Originals. Can’t get enough of drama, talk shows and reality shows? Well, you will find these goodies and more embedded through this interesting inclusion in our Dailymotion alternatives array. You may also catch glimpses of full TV shows or clips from networks like ABC Family, CBS, Comedy Central, FX, TLC, and Primetime in No Time, Fox, NBC, Discovery, Animal Planet and ABC.

  1. Veoh

The California-based internet media service that is now part of Qlipso allows you to post, share and view loads of interesting videos including independent productions, studio content and user-generated content with a cultural twist, according to the brains behind this endeavor. There’s even a research bar thrown to the amalgamation which allows you to scan through tons of movies, TV shows, anime, fashion and beauty, horror, auto and vehicles, news, drama, music, faith and lifestyle, family, travel, entertainment, travel and other such categories. You can also find a separate Android app on the Google Play store.


This contender in our sites much like Dailymotion roundup can be your one stop shop for getting the practical some of the best original web series content. Here you will find delights developed by professional along with upcoming producers. What’s more, you won’t have to pay an individual penny to be able to feast your eyes on goodies that are categorized under sections like comedy, anime, sports, drama, art and other such titles. Most of the options that are roped in listed here are handpicked by the portal’s editors, so you just get to view the acme lot.


Our final option provides anyone who’s searching for a family-friendly entertainment solution they could watch along with their parents or children. Now if you consider yourself one of that lot, then we suggest you head straight to this interesting website and see just what that one has in store for you. You are able to espy videos that are educational, funny, cute, and inspirational along with content related to news and science. However, don’t go searching for any special features such as for instance social bookmarking, user comments and share buttons as this title is noted to become a simple portal whose user base mainly includes seniors and kids.

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