Top Online Games for PC

While single player games shoot for the truly amazing story and setting, online games are here for using friends. The truth be told, online games are much more enjoyable if you gather a few friends and start a party. As we’re near the end of 2017, we’ve seen a lot of games that emerged in this and the previous year, so we are able to create a thorough list of best online PC games. With this in mind, I wouldn’t waste your own time anymore! The list of best online games for PC is simply below.

  1. PUBG

PUBG has been in the beta state for far too much time, and since it’s released now, it’s time to see how good it is. Well, with regards to optimization, PUBG isn’t so good, but there’s something about the game that pushes the gamers towards it. It’s probably because it is a great survival game that enables you to be your own captain. What I am talking about is that you’re responsible here and you’re responsible for the win or loss. Without any equipment whatsoever, you’re dropped into the harsh and unforgiving world of PUBG as you search for the methods to survive. Exactly the same rule applies to any or all other players, so try your best and be the ultimate survivor! Oh, I forgot to express that PUBG recently launched for Xbox One, but I’d stay away from it, as it’s obviously a poor port… at least for now.

  1. Overwatch

Blizzard even offers its magnum opus when it comes to FPS games. I was much hyped for Overwatch, and when it arrived on the scene, I was damn impressed! Boasting solid graphics and visuals, Overwatch was a sight to be seen. However, the main point this is actually the gameplay. It’s smooth, responsive and opts for a fast-paced action that is great. There are over 20 heroes to choose from and every hero has its pros and cons. It’s your responsibility what type you’ll choose. Help you on the battlefield!

  1. CSGO

CSGO replaced the old and worn-out CS 1.6. As much as I am sorry, I am also glad that this game came out. It took everything from its older brother (or father) and upped it to a whole new level. You either know how to play and become the very best or you constantly get killed and rage-quit. You will get this game for just a couple of dollars, so see it on, boys and girls.

  1. ARMA 3

Speaking of tactical shooters, ARMA 3 is a “bread and butter” of such genre. I can comfortably say that ARMA 3 is a simulation game because realistic physics and environment. Although the game has a pretty rough singleplayer campaign, it could pride itself on having a fantastic multiplayer component. The online part of the game rocks!, with many weapons, vehicles and the huge world at your disposal. This isn’t your typical run-and-gun game, so don’t be prepared to go guns blazing. It’s about tactics and patience.

  1. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege marks a good return of the Rainbow Six series, with a slightly different approach. This game is online-focused, meaning that you can enjoy both co-op campaign and multiplayer matches. Furthermore, Rainbow Six Siege aims for a mix of both simulation and arcade elements. The idea of the game is based on the police force attempting to stop the terrorists from killing the hostages, so you may be either good or a bad guy. Check it out now, you won’t regret.

  1. Team Fortress 2

You realize me, I don’t want to pay for too much of money for my games hence I bring you a free PC game. Team Fortress 2 is such an example. This juggernaut brings a fantastic FPS experience right in that person, making you beg for more, more and more! Team Fortress 2 is one of the most used online shooters at this time, offering a fast-paced action and plenty of weapons at your disposal. The characters listed here are great and the game is well-optimized, so expect to operate it smoothly at just about any setup.

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