Top Money Making Apps Like Swagbucks

Are you currently sitting there wondering what the best apps like Swagbucks are? If you’re looking to produce some extra cash, you probably have already been contemplating those apps that could help you earn some side cash.

We tell you about five significant apps like Swagbucks that are the best alternatives. It’s an app that lets you earn free cash and gift cards. You need to use the app on your mobile phone and make money by doing simple tasks. Most of the objectives you may do in Swagbucks to earn money.

Besides, you can shop on various e-commerce sites and more. You can answer surveys as well on Swagbucks to earn money. You can make cashback by making purchases on websites that you utilize already.

Best Apps Like Swagbucks


If we’re referring to some of the best apps like Swagbucks, then we have to first talk about Points2Shop. This is one of the biggest apps on the market concerning earning rewards and money.

You can make virtual points doing things online, such as completing various surveys and playing games. With this specific app, you can make money by watching videos and shopping through different online websites.


One of typically the most popular apps like Swagbucks out there is iBotta. This is comparable to Swagbucks because you will get cashback just by shopping at stores as you usually would.

You can save money and earn cashback from Best Buy, Walmart, Groupon, and many other popular stores. Just as in Swagbucks, you will have the ability to earn cashback on various products, from food items to electronics.


Speaking frankly about apps like Swagbucks means we have to share Shopkick legally. This app is free on both iOS and Android. Shopkick lets you earn cashback by shopping at various online stores, including Walmart and Sephora. You will even make money if you shop at Starbucks, Target, Footlocker, and many other shops online.


Another of the best apps like Swagbucks on the market right now could be InboxDollars. This provider’s been around for many years and has been an easy way for folks to produce money. The free iOS and Android apps get this rewards company even more popular. It gives you ways to earn cashback virtually anywhere.


Lastly, on our list of apps like Swagbucks, we have to share Ebates legally. This is undoubtedly a great app that is free on both iOS and Android. Specifically, people in the United States love Ebates due to its being both a discount app and a cashback app. You will earn money by shopping at Best Buy, eBay, Expedia, and many more online retailers.

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