Top Games like Zork

You can find certain games like Zork, which are best suited for those players who love to investigate and solve mysteries. And in these text-based games, you will have to give precise commands to your character if you wish to proceed with the story and reach a good ending. Such games require lots of patience in the area of the player as you can progress to the next stage only if you have the ability to give the proper commands. You can test out the next options which will give you a basic idea of what most of these games are about.

  • Slouching Towards Bedlam

The very first one we could recommend for you is Slouching Towards Bedlam. When you initially start playing this one you’ll understand that you are playing as a doctor in the Bedlam Asylum. The story out here follows you discovering the existence of a deadly mental virus called ‘Logos that you have already been infected with by one of many patients. You also discover that this virus can simply be spread to others by talking to them.

  • Galatea

The next option on our number of games just like Zork is Galatea. Unlike the text-based games, this one can have you reaching a single character in dialogue form. The moment you start playing this one you’ll recognize that Galatea is really a statue which suddenly comes to your and talks to your character. And when you are in a skill museum you can connect to the statue on the main topic of art as well as the artist who carved her.

  • 9:05:

The next one we have for you is 9:05 that was designed by Adam Cadre. In this text-based adventure, you will be playing the role of Brian Hadley a modern-day executive who oversleeps on each day of an apparently urgent business presentation. This game won’t require a lot of interaction between other characters (except for the initial telephone conversation).

  • The Meteor, The Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet

This 1 titled, The Meteor, The Stone and Long Glass of Sherbet is another great fantasy themed which we could add to our listing of Zork alternatives for you to try out. The plot in this one is pretty interesting from start in order to complete and the creator of the pick has done congrats with the description of the entire set out here. There are many instances in the overall game where you will be provided with subtle hints to help you proceed.

  • The Acorn Court

The key idea in The Acorn Court is for you to escape this location using the different objects that are observed in the environment. In the beginning, you will be given a quick description of what things are available for you to connect to in the old tennis court location.

  • Spider and Web

Our last title with this listing of games just like Zork is Spider and Web, that was made for all you mystery-solving addicts.
At the start of the, you are immediately placed in a vulnerable position where you will find yourself strapped to chair with metal bands around your hands, feet, and head.

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