Top Games like Zenonia

We have a great collection of games like Zenonia which you can download and play your Android or iOS device. These games have some cool RPG elements along with a great deal of action which come in the form of epic battles. Most of these kinds of games revolve around your characters’journey from being an average fighter to brave legendary hero.The few options which we’ve mentioned for you below are mainly focused on role-playing.

  • Illusia

An illusion is the first one we’ve for on our listing of games much like Zenonia which is saturated with RPG features. In the beginning of your game, you will be given the option of choosing a particular class of warrior or magician. Out here you can also easily manage your character’s skills and abilities that you keep acquiring after completing quests and defeating a myriad of monsters.

  • Inotia 3: Children of Carnia

Inotia 3 is another awesome role-playing kind of game which we are able to add to your roster. Because the name indicates, your story will come from a village called Carnia from where your heroes will begin their journey. The amazing feature of the pick titled Children of Carnia could be the party based mechanics.

  • S.O.L: Stone of Life EX

Stone of Life is the next game we are able to add to your listing of Zenonia alternatives which also contains impressive anime-styled graphics. The makers from Oddy Arts have incorporated a lot of dungeon crawling elements into this one as you will have to face hordes of evil creatures such as for example skeletons, wolves, bandits and even major boss demons.

  • Ragnarok: War of Gods

The next one we’ve for you is Ragnarok: War of Gods produced by Animoca XL. This pick has three separate classes which you can join namely Swordsman, Mage or Acolyte. Since this one was mostly designed to be an on the web RPG, you can even battle other Ragnarok players in online PvP battles. You can even synergy with some players and occupy challenging dungeon levels.

  • Akasha

Listed here is another RPG kind of game where you’ve three major classes to decide on from. You have a fighter class out here which uses powerful melee attacks using its sword. The next could be the archer which can use its bow and arrow for ranged attacks to get a bonus over enemies. And lastly, you have the sorceress class that uses potent magic to incapacitate foes.

  • Aurum Blade EX

Aurum Blade is another brilliantly designed RPG brought to your requirements by Oddy Arts.As this game features a specific story mounted on it, you will be playing as some of the three main characters whose main aim is to avoid the evil Duke Marduk from carrying out his sinister plans.

  • Little Legends

The overall game designers from Com2uS have created another fascinating RPG which we are able to add to your listing of games much like Zenonia, titled Little Legends. There is an option of four distinct characters for you to pick from with special skills that produce them stand out on the battlefield. But the developers have left you with the task of finding out how to use each character’s skills set strategically to be able to gain a bonus over enemies.

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