Top Games Like Yume Nikki

Adventure-based RPG games are always fun to play because they give more freedom than the usual typical RPG game. Yume Nikki is really a product of fantastic Adventure, Horror, and RPG elements. With it’s surreal and epic depiction of events, characters, and the story, you will find it quite addictive. The story of Yume Nikki revolves around the smoothness of Hikikomori, a woman from Madotsuki origins. With a really unusual story, characters and plot, Yume Nikki is brilliant Adventure-based RPG video game. If you’ve already played it and you are looking for some really entertaining games like Yume Nikki, you should definitely take a consider the following list.


The overall game lets you control the smoothness of Claire, a little girl who has the most unusual and weird dreams. The overall game begins with you (Claire) sleeping and in the clutches of a Nightmare. In the dream, a strange force pulls you back from the entranceway of one’s room and leaves you in a Hospital room. Your mother is admitted to a medical facility for many unknown reasons.


Phantasmagoria is an incredibly interesting mix-up of Action, Adventure, Horror, and Interactive rudiments. The overall game has an easy Point-and-Click gameplay with a good story and unique characters. Despite being a classic title, Phantasmagoria is still popular one of the Horror games fans. The story targets the characters of a Writer named as Adrian and her husband Donald, a Photographer by profession. The couple buys a Mansion used by way of a Magician named Zoltan. Zoltan gets vanished consequently of Dark magic, the Mansion gets vacant and the couple buys it. You as the gamer are allowed to pick some of the two characters. The objective is always to explore the mansion, find methods to renounce the demon to hell and find the truth about Zoltan.

To The Moon

This remarkable creation of Freebird Games is one most anticipated title with this genre. To The Moon offers the most predictable and astonishing mix of RPG, Adventure, and Horror elements. The story is based on a Technology produced by Sigmund Corporation that may create artificial memories. It helps the near dead people, relive their lifetime and complete their final and most longed wishes. Focusing on the characters of Doctor Rosaline and Dr. Watts, it gives the most unusual experience ever.


Misao might be one of the best Games like Yume Nikki to play. It’s developed utilizing the innovative Wolf RPG editor by way of a developer from Japanese origins. The overall game offers a free-to-play Action, Adventure, and RPG Horror experience. Just like Yume Nikki, Misao’s story revolves around a personality of a Girl named as Aki. Following a long search, Misao gets declared as dead and that’s when Aki starts hearing Misao’s voices. Shortly after that, strange events start to occur and a result, the whole school gets transferred right into a dark world. Soon after that, the occurrence of bizarre creatures such as for example Ghosts and ghouls starts to happen.

Corpse Party

Because the title suggests, Corpse Party is one of the very unusual video gaming of this kind of genre. The gameplay is fairly much like Yume Nikki’s but it offers a completely different story. Released back 1996, immediately after the release, Corpse Party became an instant hit. Its story revolves around a senior high school, its students, and all the strange happenings that occurred there. A Cultural Festival gets organized at the institution and at the ceremony’s end; a portal to another world opens up.


One of the Classics, Palette is an amazing amalgamation of Action, RPG and Horror aesthetics. The story of the game is quite simple yet engaging. It’s centered around the smoothness of a young child named as B.D. B.D is an amnesiac who seeks the help of doctor Shianosu B. Shian, a psychiatrist. Your task is to control the smoothness of Dr. Shian and explore the entire world of her twisted consciences. The overall game world is all manufactured from perverse puzzles and mazes and it’s filled up with a myriad of bizarre elements. You are allowed to control the smoothness of B.D for the majority of the game.

Ao Oni

Ao Oni is a free-to-play dialogue-oriented Horror and RPG video game. The story of Ao Oni follows the footsteps of the typical current-day room escape games. Its focus is on the smoothness of Hiroshi who gets trapped in an abandoned mansion alongside her friends. The mansion ends up to be haunted and that’s when the true story begins. It’s occupied by a strange force named as Oni, a big Blue figure with an odd face.

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