Top Games like WeeWorld

Another one on our listing of games similar to Fantage is WeeWorld where you are able to go to meet up a lot of people and make new friends. This title enables you to turn into a miniature version of yourself as you are able to adjust the style and color of one’s character to resemble you. When you’re done with that you are ready to participate countless folks on the virtual platform of WeeWorld. The cool items that you can certainly do out here are seemingly never-ending. You can be an excellent home and design your place with many different forms of furniture and accessories and invite friends and family over to the party. Or you are able to just keep it casual by meeting them on a beach and get a swim. Here you may even chat and add new friends to your list each day.

  • OurWorld

What another place is there to have fun and you need to be yourself? Well, in OurWorld of course. We say this because in this kind of title you can get to play in a 2D version avatar and get to hang out with kids from all over the world. You don’t just be a warm shot to have popular out here and you absolve to mingle around and strike up a conversation with anyone. Even a beginner to the genre of virtual world games can kick off to a good start in this one. Earning cash or tokens is easy as you just need to play mini-games to earn them. And if you receive bored of your average joe look, it is simple to head to the nearest garment store and see which designer labels can be found for you really to wear. The living is fun and easy when you have a world that will be your individual and this certainly is the place for that.

  • Club Penguin

Club Penguin also offers lots of fun element for you personally animation virtual world fans, which are seeking some Fantage alternatives to play. Here you may get associated with all of the wild events and parties that take place here on a typical basis. When you are sporting the image of a penguin, you would obviously be residing in a spacious igloo, which you may decorate to your heart’s content. You may even check out your caregiver skills by adopting your own personal cuddly pet called a ‘puffle’that will be with you wherever you get out here. There is plenty to explore in this snow-themed virtual world where you’ll encounter many fun-loving individuals who are waiting to be added to your own buddy list. You may even try your luck in the fashion show or be a part of all the thrilling contests which are available for you really to join.

  • Meez

Meez is another imaginative virtual world developed by Donnerwood media which we’ve to consider on our list. This brilliantly prepared title enables you to go out will the coolest crowd you could ever meet online. Whenever you subscribe here you will get to create an on the web representative of yourself. And with the amazing 3D features of available here, you can design a person that looks almost identical to you. When you do this you’re given access to the wonderful Meez Nation which has several uniquely themed areas that you will be absolved to explore. From the scenic hills of the Outlandia to the lively parties at Hell’s kitchen, the fun is non-stop out here. And you will get to produce new buds with the chat feature and share movies or videos with one another.

  • Bin Weevils

Still looking for more colorful games much like Fantage to play for free? Then take a look at that one where you can arrive at roaming around in an animation kind of bug character called a Bin Weevil.Upon logging to the website you can go right to the new player icon and start your adventure as an adorable six-legged bug. Once you’re in, you’re placed in your cozy nest where your home is provided that you want. After settling in, you can explore the different areas of bin world and accomplish the daily challenges to be able to level up your character. The developers have kept this pick interesting by enabling you to attain various cool prizes and other rewards once you finish a collection challenge. This may certainly encourage you to keep playing and delve further into this world and become a well-known citizen.

  • Panfu

The last one on our countdown may be the lush green world of Panfu. Here you can enjoy as a happy and friendly panda that’s always in the mood for fun. And for all you could fans of social networking, this is really a great place to generally meet friends and just chill. You can speak with you fellow panda-mates by typing in the message bar in the bottom of the screen and say whatever comes to your mind. One other great benefits and content for sale in that one is the capability to style your panda with various kinds of clothing to provide it the trendy look. There are also many different varieties of pets as you are able to choose from baby ducklings to seahorses. This pick was mostly targeted towards kids but there are plenty of great items to see and learn out here rendering it playable by folks of all age groups.

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