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Weed Shop for Android and iOS devices is just a pretty cool app where players have to grow their hemp and sell it mainly for medical purposes. At first, you store will soon be empty. It features a special room where you are able to grow your own personal varieties of drugs. Water, be mindful because of it and do everything possible if the only real hemp was of better quality. All things considered, competition in such a market is quite high. In the event that you produce quality grass, then soon more and more buyers should come to you. In your room, everything is arranged and you can live here. Free purchases can be found in the app. Making use of their help, you can afford any type of marijuana, and it may also provide you with the opportunity to get the main items and tools.

Weed Firm 2

Weed Firm 2: Back again to College – in this game, you will play the role of a son who has very good knowledge of botany. Cultivate marijuana, collect money and buy more and more valuable varieties of this herb. Grow only the best “grass”, which will be in demand available in the market, sell it and then the very best customers who won’t hand you over to the cops. Occupy selling this real buzz, stand on the dangerous path. Plant new varieties and expand your business. Trade in all states and carefully sweep tracks. Advance in the field of trade and start growing mushrooms. Go beyond and start trading in the whole universe.

iSmoke: Weed HD

If all the other games are boring, and the autumn melancholy does not offer a smile, then this application may help at least only a little lighten up the gray routine. With assistance from the program, you can test your hand at being able to twist the “joint”, and then light it with the built-in microphone.

Pot Farm – Grass Roots

Pot Farm – Grass Roots – is very an authentic application, which is often related to the genre of the farm. However, now you do not need certainly to plant wheat or corn, grow cows or sheep, you will have to establish the best cultivation and sale of marijuana. To do this, you must develop a real farm, hire employees and specialists. Furthermore, for greater coverage of the marketplace, you can bake confectionery, negotiate with medical institutions and of course, just sell.

Ganja Farm – weed Empire

We bring to your attention the game-farm on a somewhat unusual and controversial topic. The overall game is dedicated to the topic of drugs, and the gamer will have to grow probably the most real marijuana and build a huge empire to grow this useful and important plants for human development. The main character of the game is a clear rastaman would you not want anything. He only lies under a tree and smokes the jambs that the gamer grows for him. He is dressed, incidentally, in accordance with rastaman’s multi-colored fashion. Generally speaking, his life was a success because he’s such an assistant, as a player.


BudTrimmer HD is just a game just like FruitNinja with its graphics and gameplay. The only difference is that rather than fruits you cut the bumps of marijuana. What the creators of the game seriously considered was unclear, but cutting the cones of marijuana turned out to be very entertaining and original. First, you will soon be asked to grow this marijuana, after that you simply will soon be given a dagger and asked to cut the poor plant to pieces. For cutting grass, you can use many different knives.

Weed Island

Did you dream of having your personal farm with cannabis? All your dreams will come true with the application Weed Island. At the start of the overall game, you’ve to grow marijuana on a tiny piece of land. But in the process of playing, your lands will increase. You will set up your marijuana sales company. Get your personal workshops and sell canapés to your neighbors and friends. If you should be tired, you can entrust this matter to your assistants, and you just observe from the side.

Weed Tycoon

Weed Tycoon is a superb game where in actuality the humor of developers is well traced. In the end, in the overall game, you will find yourself in some sort of where it is not illegal to create interesting vegetation. Thus, you may even store and sell the merchandise of your own plantations quite legally, without unnecessary questions. But at the same time frame, the profit that you will receive is likely to be truly immense. Feel such as a real businessman who is not afraid of difficulties, competition and dangerous enemies. Develop your production, set up a sales process to continuously raise your capital. Show all that you will be capable of.

Red Weed

Red Weed – is a game for many fans of the War of the Worlds, which is based on one of the episodes of a musical by Jeff Wayne. Here we use video materials from this production. In the overall game Red Weed, you’ll get the chance to develop your personal strategies to win. Honor your skills and defeat your opponent. Your goal is to recapture the utmost part of the playing field.

Weed Wars

You have to become plantation specialist and grow a weed. At your disposal, there’s an enormous store with seeds. Cultivate them and earn coins. For faster business promotion, use special accessories. Remember that your plantation is always attacked by enemies, so don’t forget to have an animal to shield the farm. You are able to expand the plantation area by unlocking special activities. You can even save your achievements in the cloud storage. 1 minute in life equals the complete hour in the overall game, so you simply need 36 hours to grow the plant.

Weed Crush

This is an amazing game where you’ll need to combine the three icons with the “grass” in one row, after that they disappear and your mission is likely to be performed. Train your brain, attempting to pass 250 degrees of varying difficulty. So, you may not have to be bored. You’re looking forward to special sweets, colorful background with the image of marijuana. It’s worth noting that in this game there are numerous backgrounds. In the beginning, you’ll play on a lawn, but as you progress through the missions you will find yourself on a sandy beach.

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