Top Games Like Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 is often a life simulation game, where you need to get your character somebody or wife in order for them to take up a virtual family. It’s section of some games just as the Sims online. Children could possibly be created and pets adopted to greatly help bring the house to life. A virtual house could possibly be designed to your personal specifications with expansions and renovations easily handled. Your household is often a true virtual one as they’ll continue steadily to call home, work, eat, and grow while the general game s switched off. You’ll discover children grow from babies to adulthood and inherit the home. Players must guide their family through careers and life decisions. Successful career work can lead to money which will be essential to purchase decorations, luxuries, and necessities. Random events frequently pop-up which present challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Second Life

It is often an online virtual world where you interact and chats with other utilizing the avatar you create. Moreover, it’s virtual currency, Linden Dollar, could possibly be changed into real-world currency. So you may also make some dough by generating content.


With over 20 millions of user-generated goods, you obtain an unlimited freedom to personalize, customize, stylize, and animate your 3D avatar and environments around. You are able to trade with others and even turn virtual currency right into a real one.


ourWorld is just a digital world where you could play many different online games including puzzle, action, arcade and strategy games. Besides, you can chat with others, dance, eat and drink and much more. You’ll earn in-game currency for such activities and can spend it on virtual goods.

 Movie Star Planet

Create your personal movie star in this game for kids and teens. Make movies, artbooks, photos, design clothes, and share them with friends and fans. Use your creativity anyway you can. Become a manner designer or model. Be an artist. The number of choices is endless in your quest to earn fame and rise to stardom.

iAMFAM: Little Dream Home

Love this real-time simulation game where you need to handle your household in competition with your pals to genuinely have the happiest family.

Small Worlds

Step right into a digital world with around seven skill paths to follow. Customize your character with various accessories and clothing.


Chart the rise of one’s creature through five stages, from single cell organism,  to animal, to tribal dweller, to civilization, and finally an intergalactic traveler. Jump in at any stage, or work your path through from the beginning. Share your creatures with other players, allowing a galaxy of limitless worlds and species to explore.


This MMO for kids lets them play at growing up. From 10-15 years, the players go on quests, play minigames, and try to find hidden objects to be able to level up and gain birthdays. New levels mean more privileges such as for instance gaining pets, dorm rooms, and even begin an interest-earning savings account.

Virtual Villagers: The Secret City

Solve puzzles on the island of Isola in the wake of a disaster. Rebuild your home, organize your society, and grow a village to produce your villagers and eventually give birth to a youngster with all five-skill sets.

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