Top Games Like Town of Salem

Town of Salem is a gaming that basically requires you to utilize deception in order to win the overall game and beat another player involved. You can have around 15 people play this game, rendering it perfect for parties and events, although this really is an on the web game. Town of Salem has become this type of popular game that many games like Town of Salem have popped up through the years. We are likely to tell you all about some of the best games like Town of Salem, but first, we wanted to perform through the fundamental premise of this game. Town of Salem is defined during the period of time of the Salem Witch Trials, and players have a role in the overall game that is random. The role is Mafia, Neutral or Town, and each one of these features a specific goal to attempt to achieve in the game. You can find 33 roles within those three roles, which all have various abilities and objectives. Some roles include things such as the bodyguards, which are the folks that protect town members.

Top 5 Games like Town of Salem – 2017 Edition


If we are looking really exciting similar games like Town of Salem, we’ve to start off by gossip about most popular video game named as Blockpocalypse. This can be a multiplayer party platform game exactly like Town of Salem. This can be a more casual game than Town of Salem but the goal is to survive. This can be a fun game that basically cool since there are over 20 different apocalyptic landscapes you need to get through. Either survive with friends and family or outlive them, in any event, this game requires one to use the tools at your disposal to call home


SpyParty is one of the best games like Town of Salem out there and this is a game where you need to fool opponents into thinking they are someone they are not. You are able to either take the role of the spy or take the role of the folks outside. The folks outside are looking in by way of a scope and are attempting to see what’s going on, and it is just a devious spy form of the game. You’ll need to complete missions if you should be the spy, and you have a time limit to complete these missions.

Drawful 2

Another choice if you should be searching for games like Town of Salem is Drawful 2. This game could be enjoyed, three people or eight people. This can be a multiplayer browser-based party game exactly like Town of Salem, and it can also be very funny and entertaining. In this game, you have to draw things and then have another players guess the right answer. You may even get achievements and things as you progress through the game. The whole point of the overall game is to draw things in an interesting manner and make them look unique and weird. If you can’t draw then a game is very much more entertaining.

Velvet Sundown

If we wish to share games like Town of Salem, we also have to include Velvet Sundown on this list. This can be a social role-playing game where those things of the gamer result in various situations and scenarios. You have a yacht in this game alongside 11 base characters, and each one of these characters features a certain agenda. Your game will always begin with the players of the overall game being assigned among the players in the overall game, and yes this really is another deception-based game exactly like Town of Salem.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Lastly, we cannot speak about games like Town of Salem without talking about The Jackbox Party Pack 3. This is a good game that you can play on various gaming platforms and consoles. You can play with around 8 people locally or play the multiplayer version where around 10,000 other people can participate in a simple level. You’ve five games within The Jackbox Party Pack 3.

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