Top Games like ToonTown

Want to test some games like ToonTown where you can play alongside a wide array of players? Well, then we’ve a good collection of alternate choices arranged for you here. The following options are some of the very most best that people have come across, while they offer you an extensive scope of fun-filled missions as you are able to embark on at any point of time.

6 Games like ToonTown

  1. Wizard 101

Wizard 101 must be the very first one on the list as it comes full of loads of MMORPGelements. For instance, in this pick you can get to roam around in a 3D avatar and cloth your character with various wizardry garments which can be available. You’ll even get to live in a medieval castle and spend some time relaxing and playing together with your pet. There is no not enough the adventure aspect in this 1 as you can get to explore many magical places with breath-taking backdrops. You can get to learn a number of deadly spells and equip your character with weapons and armor to take down any hostile monsters available on these worlds. As you keep questing and winning your duels with monsters, your avatar levels up letting you take advantage of more potent spells to manage more vicious enemies and villains.

  1. Pirate 101

The 2nd option on our set of games similar to ToonTown is Pirate 101 it was produced by the exact same developers of our mentioned before title i.e. KingsIsle Entertainment. Only difference between Wizard 101 and this 1 is you will be playing the role of scurvy pirate in this pick. The character you is likely to be playing here is one of an ambitious sky pirate who would like to travel the skies of Spiral in search of adventure. In this action-oriented game, you can choose from a list of five separate classes of pirates with various skills of fighting. You have the freedom your can purchase a ship, a home and even a support that you can use for traveling purposes. There are plenty of worlds to find in the Skyways out here and much more treasure to locate alongside intimidating foes to fight against.

  1. Monkey Quest

Questing will be a lot more fun when you can jump around and play in the shape of a monkey. And in this free to play game, you are able to do that and much more. In Monkey Quest you are allowed to produce a distinct try to find your monkey character and change the style of its hair, along with of the fur and even dress it down with huge collection of cute outfits available out here. Once you are done with all the current customization, then you’re able to head over to the land of Ook where adventure and fun awaits. This place is filled up with crazy puzzles and quests which can be sure to keep you pre-occupied for hours and design with this domain is completed in this way you will feel like you are in a digital playground. You’ll watch in awe as your monkey jumps across high ledges and swims in deep oceans to accomplish the objectives and get rewarded.

  1. RuneScape

Looking for some more dynamic 3D options other than the cartoon-themed ToonTown alternatives which we’ve mentioned to date? Well, then RuneScape is likely to be right up your alley as here you can get to produce a warrior form of avatar for yourself and carry on an exploration spree in the fascinating world of Gielinor. You will see lots to do in this mystical realm right from fighting monstrous beasts to taking on work to get cash and experience. The other things you may get to listed below are dealing with join a guild of your own or freedom to be on endless missions to quench your thirst for adventure and danger. This pick has an element of social networking as you will quickly discover as you are able to talk with the countless players who come online for their share of fun and exploration.

  1. Poptropica

Next through to the list is Poptropica produced by the Jeff Kinney Group. This game is purely browser based, so you can access it whenever you want on when you go online. Here you can get to play as a funny-looking cartoon character and explore the large number of different worlds out here available via the game’s map. Each of these worlds has their very own missions and objective which you have to accomplish after which you get rewarded with various items or you may even unlock new locations to visit to. All you need to do is guide your character over the screen and talk with any of the citizens to have clues regarding things you need to accomplish. And to talk with any object in the environmental surroundings you only have to click it to proceed. The gameplay is simple yet entertaining at the exact same time.

  1. Gaia Online

This is actually the last option on our set of games similar to ToonTown which we can include. This game is inspired by anime animation and you can customize your online avatar from visit toe. Once you finish you’ll center the virtual realm of Gaia where you can play umpteen amounts of mini-games as well as other Gaians. The main feature seen here is your capability to chat with other users on the popular Gaia forums and make new friends in the process. You may also share common interests by joining separate guilds which are reserved for like-minded individuals. There are also various events and contests that take place out here from time to time that is free for almost any member ahead and participate.

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