Top Games like The Witcher

For people who simply love good action games like The Witcher, we have a wonderful assortment of alternate choices for you personally from which to choose below. If you were searching for some nice hack and slash gamesthen you should oftimes be looking into the ones which we came across and mentioned for you personally out here.

  •  Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

This fourth version of the Assassins Creed franchise comes packed with plenty of adventure elements. From the start of the game, you’ll pause to take in the brilliantly designed environments of the Caribbean seas and islands you will find in this one. The graphics are not the thing you will soon be stoked up about as Black Flag consists of many missions that’ll involve you sailing the high seas in your ship to obtain a targeted ship in true pirate style.

  •  God of War III

Another one on our set of games similar to The Witcher is this epic conclusion to the God of War series. Kratos is seemingly unstoppable in this 1 and no enemy whether it is a complete army of undead or perhaps a gigantic Cyclops will stand in his way. You will even get a neat group of useful items to help you progress in the games obstacle courses including the ability to fly over broken bridges with help of Icarus’s wings.

  •  The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Here is another fantastic choice for whatever you fans of our main title in question. Instead of creating a pre-designed character to play as the creators from Bethesda Game Studios has left it up to you for you to choose which class the smoothness would belong to and then you can even experiment with an appearance of one’s character.

  •  Dragon Age II

This second installment of Dragon Age is the next title we could suggest on our set of The Witcher alternatives which you should play. This pick will put you in the shoes of a warrior who would like to become renowned as a Champion. As all heroes initially start out, you’ll first be unheard of in the region, but after you slowly start competing missions and increasing your rank your conquests will attract the attention of many people and some brave souls may even join you in battle.

  • Devil May Cry 4

Nearly all of you who’ve played the last editions of Devil May Cry will know why we’ve included it on this list. Fighting enemies never looked this good and the Devil May Cry series have kept this feature constant by allowing you to choose your own cool style of fighting.

  •  Darksiders II

Yearning to play more games where you are able to fight demons and monstrous creatures? Well, then this really is among the main reasons we’ve included Darksiders on this set of games similar to The Witcher on our list. This pick puts you in the shoes of the harbinger of death i.e. Death itself. And as you will see in the game, Death has some amazing fighting skills and when he in on the move, nothing can stand in his way.

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