Top Games Like The Warriors

Here you will find some of the best games like The Warriors which can be available for you if your chosen genre of games in action. In most of the below games, you may find yourself playing as one sole heroic character who comes face to face with individual along with large groups of bad guys.

  • Def Jam: Fight for NY

Our first pick on this ensemble of games similar to The Warriors is Def Jam. Out here you may find a lot of the most popular hip-hop artists as the key fighting characters and are even voiced by them in the story mode. A number of them include Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Ludacris Method Man etc. During the story campaign, you can get to create your own personal customizable character and enter into the underground battles in the Fight for NY.

  • Sleeping Dogs

The next one on our list is Sleeping Dogs where you are likely to be put into the crime world of Hong Kong. Being an undercover cop in a Triad gang, you should undertake several missions to gain the trust and loyalty of its members. These jobs will include you killing members of rival gangs and committing other crimes to gain an even stronger foothold in the Triad organizations.

  •  Batman: Arkham Origins

This pack enables you to play while the famous caped crusader in his exploits in Arkham City.You’ll face a lot of new bosses in this pick which are straight from the comic books nevertheless the developers from Rocksteady Studios manages to portray them well out here. You will even notice a lot of useful gadgets that Batman has equipped himself with this pick.

  •  Darksiders 2

The next one we have for you personally on our listing of The Warriors alternatives is this second version of Darksiders. Here you will play while the unlikely hero i.e. Death who has to tear apart heaven, hell and everything between for his brother War who has been unjustly condemned.

  •  Devil May Cry 3

In this pick, you play while the world’s friendliest demon, Dante, who has descended from distinct demon hunters. Being truly a demon he can’t be killed easily as you will discover when the game begins. And he uses his abilities fight from the relentless forces of the undead that are preparing to overrun the earth. The main reason behind all this trouble is Dante’s evil brother who plans to show earth into his hellish playground.

  • Bayonetta

Bayonetta is another action-filled titled where you are likely to be playing a witch with potent combat skills. Being truly a witch will naturally invite trouble and this comes to you in the proper execution of large and fierce enemies whom you’ve to combat using various combo moves.

  • Deadpool

The past one on our listing of games similar to The Warriors that has plenty of intense action is Deadpool. The intro of the game depicts that comic book character just couldn’t watch for a game title of his own. However, the makers from High Moon Studios have done a great job in combining humor and action to offer an amazing gaming experience in Deadpool.

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