Top Games Like The Walking Dead: Season One

Telltale Games has become a rising star studio in the game world by late. Producing some good titles as lately, their success arises from an easy task to play games which have plenty of narrative depth and plenty of choices altering gameplay. However, among Telltale Games most widely used titles, and our the focus here on Just Alternative To today, is The Walking Dead: Season One title where their popularity really started. Thus do you know what happens once we look at a specific game, that’s right we’re creating a list. That is 6 Games Like The Walking Dead: Season One.

Batman: The Telltale Series

The Dark Detective brands his entrance into a Telltale game with Batman: The Telltale video game Series. Players control the legendary hero Batman as he solves a fresh major crime all while being an authentic story featuring the iconic characters fans of Batman will love. Happening over 5 episodes, the usual Telltale Games structure, the decisions made during the several episodes will truly alter Batman’s appearance to the public along with Bruce Wayne’s own ideas. Fans of Batman lore will love that Telltale Games truly honored the comic books when it comes to tools Batman uses along with his fighting techniques prowess but done within their known method of gameplay. Will Batman function as the shining hero or the blood-soaked hero? That decision lies with you.

Heavy Rain

Four characters can have their lives colliding together all surrounding a serial killer known as The Origami Killer. Ethan Mars a grieving father, Scott Shelby a Private Eye, Norman Jayden an FBI Agent, and Madison Paige a striving photojournalist all will see their lives afflicted with some events outside their control. While each deals using their various issues, their lives will change in line with the player’s input. Unlike most titles, if one of these four souls dies, the game will continue on but their lack of a presence is likely to be felt in the narrative. What are the results are likely to be on your own shoulders, every choice indeed includes a consequence in Heavy Rain.

Life Is Strange

What would you do if you might alter time? Maxine Caulfield or known simply as Max is your typical senior high school girl struggling to get herself into the sea of personalities. One day whilst in the bathroom contemplating her own life, she witnesses a murder take place but somehow find herself reversing time and energy to a prior moment. Now able to rewind time Max finds herself taking a look at a fresh world of possibilities helping people and avoiding drama. However, little does Max realize that her powers are likely to be used to stop a much greater issue than simply handling the normal schoolyard bully and how strange life can truly be.

The Wolf Among Us

On the basis of the Fables graphic novels, The Wolf Among Us aims to tell a prequel story. Players take the role of Bigby Wolf or better known as the former Big Bad Wolf. The residents of Fabletown rely on Bigby as he is the Sheriff of Fabletown and while he might be tough, he clearly is fair according to most. After having an incident having an intoxicated woodman and prostitute, it seems as if it’s only a later date of being Sheriff. However, when the woman’s severed head is left facing Bigby’s place, the big bad wolf may find his older methods of being could be necessary.

Beyond: Two Souls

Jodie Holmes has never been a standard girl. Growing up with her foster parents, Jodie showed that she had strange telepathic abilities and a strange link with a being known as Aiden. When an incident occurs with a bunch of kids, Jodie’s foster parents find yourself sending Jodie to a spot that will look after her powers. There Jodie meets Nathan Dawkins and several others as a part of the United States Department of Paranormal Activity. It is here that Jodie will become her path towards life, but one that many would not see coming.

Until Dawn

Have you ever watched a horror movie and desired to have the ability to control who lived and who died? Until Dawn by developer Supermassive Games gives your wish a reality. Several friends decide to meet up with one another, something they have put aside after two of these friends prior disappeared one day. Coming to a lodge high up a mountain area resort, the friends seem happy despite their particular dramas. However, what should have already been a great or joyful reunion shatters upon the friends realizing someone or something who was simply not invited has arrived to harm them.

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