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The room is one of the best 3D puzzle games that can be obtained for iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone. We are going to tell you about a few of the other games like The Room that is available if you enjoyed The Room, but first, we wanted to share with you more about The Room. The Room is a game where you have to locate clues and the methods to open various forms of boxes. The boxes are typically complex and you must solve each puzzle before you can move onto the following level.

Forever Lost

If we’re speaking about games like The Room, we first need to talk about Forever Lost. This is a 3D puzzle game exactly like The Room and it can be obtained on both iOS and Android. The puzzles in this video game are very complicated when you take the challenges in The Room you will also like Forever Lost. You’ve to find the clues in this game as well. This game takes invest an abandoned hospital with you as a player who wakes up unsure of how they got there.


Lume is a game that can be obtained for Mac, Windows, Steam, and iOS and can also be a 3D puzzle game like The Room. Lume is one of the best games like The Room available while there is a huge amount of action in this game and it’s really addictive as soon as you begin playing it. In Lume, you’re put in a cardboard environment and you take the place of a little girl who lives with her grandpa.

Escape the Titanic

If we are going to tell you about games like The Room, we’ve to talk about Escape the Titanic. This is a puzzle game that’s adventure-based and it can be obtained on iOS and Android. All of us have heard the story concerning the Titanic, and if you enjoyed the mystery surrounding the “unsinkable” ship you then will love this game. There are a ton of puzzles in this game in addition to interactive gameplay. In Escape the Titanic, you will soon be on the Titanic and actually see the iceberg hit.

Doors and Rooms

Doors and Rooms is a 3D puzzle game for iOS and Android and is one of the best games like The Room out today. This game has very similar visual and graphics components to The Room. In reality, Doors and Rooms might be the main one game that’s the closest with regards to visuals and gameplay to The Room. This game can also be much like The Room as the puzzles are very challenging and some are very odd.

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story can be an adventure and puzzle game available for both Android and iOS. The Tiny Bang Story is much like The Room because the whole point of the overall game is approximately exploring the planet in the overall game and solving puzzles. The premise of The Tiny Bang Story is that you are on a tiny planet where meteors destroyed the homes of the creatures that go on this planet.

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