Top Games Like Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Here’s another one of the popular Street Fighter alternatives which we could suggest for you yourself play on Arcade, PS3, Xbox 360 or even Nintendo Wii. While the title of that one may indicate, here you will have a way to play with not one, but two characters at any given time in a brand new concept of tag-team matches. You can now play with two Tekken characters instead of just one and take on a vast army of teams while playing any tournament. Playing in a group of two can end up being very useful in matches as not only will you activate tag combos to knock out your opponents, but you can even shift between characters easily and allow one your characters to regenerate health while another one gets to control the fight. Another feature that you will see this is actually the power to customize the characters with various weapons and equipment through the Fight Lab. So if you are anxiously looking for fighting titles where you are able to do some great deal of damage to your foes, you then should seriously try this one.

 Soul Caliber V

The topmost spot inside our number of games similar to Street Fighter visits this unique Namco creation titled Soul Caliber. This pick is actually a direct inspiration from the famous title Soul Edge, where you will undoubtedly be choosing a character which is fighting opponents using powerful enchanting weapons such as swords. When you have played the initial Soul Edge title, you will notice some of the old characters within this new version, however the developers have made sure to add newer and intimidating characters into that one and a far more unique pair of fighting moves, to be able to offer you more thrills and excitement when you play. But one the absolute most defining features of this game could be the player’s power to freely move the fighter in eight different directions, which can confuse your opponents and add an idea and tactical advantage within a battle. That one allows two players to play against each at any given time or you can even find difficult playing against an AI character. The brilliant fighting technique coupled with spectacular graphics and visuals makes that one truly worthy to be on our list.

Mortal Kombat

How do we not mention the world’s most well known fighting themed pick on this list? We’re, needless to say referring to the constant fight between good and evil in a variety of tournaments of the Mortal Kombat arena. In the 2011 version of the game, you will discover your chosen fighting characters being able to execute lethal fatality moves to finish off your opponents and send them to a bloody death. Besides this dramatic climax move, you will even get to use a super cool X-ray move, which will slow down the match and show you what sort of damage you are inflicting upon your opponent. This special move won’t come easily while the designers from NetherRealm Studios have introduced another super meter which you will discover in your heads-up display. Your job is always to refill most of the three levels of this meter to unleash a bone-crunching X-ray attack, which will provide you with good advantage by severely crippling your enemy and assist you to win the match, in the event that you are able to successfully execute the attack. Here you may also get to play some interesting challenge modes namely, Test you Strike, Test your Might etc. which will allow you to achieve some cool rewards if completed. You can even check out the multiplayer option out here where you are able to play along with four different characters in Tag Assist matches. This version of Mortal Kombat is available for you yourself to play in your PS3, Xbox or Windows PC.

UFC Undisputed 3

The last title on our roster of games similar to Street Fighter is this third installment of the UFC series produced by Yuke’s for your PS3 and Xbox 360. Where’s an improved place to punch, kick, grapple and knock out your opponents than in the ring of the Ultimate Fighting Championship? Over here you can’t win matches predicated on strength alone, however, you will need a good amount of stamina and fighting skill in order to win matches. You have a selection of techniques to help you win challenges, besides the mixed fighting styles, you can even use submissions and other types of the jab and kick combo’s to win a fight. In that one, you are able to take part in the challenging Pride Mode, where your skills as a seasoned fighter will undoubtedly be brutally tested. So make sure you hand out the right kind of combination of kicks, punches and submission moves to defeat your opponent while avoiding most of the deadly blows and attacks. You will discover many moves and other types of Stats that have been newly introduced in this version of UFC. And you can select any fighter from a massive set of legendary fighting champions and take part in a few of the finest fight matches you’ve ever played.

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