Top Games like Team Fortress

Plenty of people want to play games like Team Fortress where you could get to use all different types of weapons and just have fun. Especially if you prefer to be a part those gun battles where your main objective is always to kill your enemies one by one and score big, then we have a good collection of the six best shooting-related games that may match up to these expectations of yours.

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive

At the beginning of our line-up of games similar to Team Fortress we have for you personally is this latest version of Counter Strike titled Global Offensive. The game developers from the Valve Corporation have to be commended for their efforts to offer you this upgraded version of your all-time favorite first-person shooter.

  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter

The next first-person shooter game on our list is Warfighter, which was produced by Danger Close Games for Windows PC, PS3, and Xbox. Here you are likely to be playing as Preacher, a Tier I operative in all the campaign missions which are contained in this version of Medal of Honor. Since we are talking about the PC game, you are likely to be pursuing your missions in the Middle Eastern countries of the world.

  • Halo 4

This fourth installment of the Halo games is another great shooting pick which we can add our selection of Team Fortress alternatives for you really to check out. You will once again be playing the character of Master Chief in this one and get blast the right path through missions with a vicious choice of powerful weapons. As Master Chief, you will obviously get to match up in your multi-purpose Sparta armor where you will view the planet’s environment through the interactive helmet display.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts

We cannot leave out this version of Call of Duty from our set of awesome first-person shooters. In this pick, you are likely to be playing because the U.S special operatives that are called Ghosts and for many forms of missions in the campaign mode, you must behave like one and remove enemies quickly and stealthily. There are many amazing features in this title which may very well not find in the earlier editions of the Call of Duty series and we will name some of them out there.

  • Crysis 3

Another superb action title which we can add to the set of games similar to Team Fortress is Crysis 3 produced by Crytek. This happens to be a must play for all you gamers who want an overly busy action game with stellar graphics. And Crysis 3 offers you those elements since its central theme is set in distant future. You will control the character by name of Prophet whose primary goal is always to overthrow the shrewd CELL Corporation and destroy the remains of aggressive aliens called the Ceph.

  • Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is one of the greatest first-person shooters which are available for you really to play online for free. The gameplay mechanics in this one surprisingly resembles our main title in question. You are likely to be given an option to play on the side of either the red or blue team and fight for dominance of the planet Auraxis.

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