Top Games like Surviving High School

Maybe you have been searching relentlessly for games like Surviving High School? Your troubles will end here as we’ve produced a set of exciting alternate choices and listed out for you personally here. These games give you lots of chances to select your character’s traits through all of the dramatic dialogues that’ll shape your personality. So your final decision-making skills may also have a key role to play in these titles.

  • High School Story

Perhaps you have wanted design your own high school story? Well, then this kind of title lets you do that, which explains why we’ve added it to our games just like Surviving High School collection for you yourself to play on your android phone. In that one, you can get to generate the absolute most fashionable high school character and design every detail of theirs form the hair to the kind of clothes they wear. You not just get to construct characters, but additionally design and decorate the entire High School grounds and all of the facilities available in it. Here you can also get an opportunity to invite your pals to participate you in your High School adventure. You are able to take part in prank wars, throw fun-filled parties, get to create lots of new friends and even continue dates with the greatest people.

  • Crazy Night Out

Wondering how life would be if you’re living amongst the lively crowd of Hollywood? If yes, then Crazy Night Out with offer a gist of what that life would be like. Here you will find yourself employed by busy directors and producers through the daytime and partying the night away in a number of the wildest partying parties that you’d haven’t imagined you’d be invited to. In this pick, you may also reach hook up with lots of women and improve the partnership status of one’s life. Crazy Night Out offers you an insight of the lives of those individuals who love to hold out and meet new people at parties and take part in lots of extreme activities that leave them completely passed out in the midst of the family room floor at the conclusion of the day.

  • Party in my own Dorm

Here’s another game that will highlight everything you can expect when you choose to stop to college. That is the key reason we’ve mentioned Party in my own Dorm on our set of Surviving High School alternatives for you yourself to check out. In this pick, you will see all of the cool things as you are able to occupy once to visit off to college and start residing in a dorm room. On the list of features observed in here are the many ways in which you can earn cash by getting into the fight with other students and even take their beer. Other things you can certainly do here include pulling off hilarious pranks or eavesdrop on other students to know some juicy gossip. And needless to say, you can also reach be a part of some the liveliest parties that take place out here. In this game, you can also chat with a small grouping of other players and send them some crazy types of gifts such as for instance toilet paper, cupcakes, kisses and lots more.

  • School 26: Summer of Secrets

Here’s another High School adventure brought to your requirements by the SiliconSisters Interactive that you will surely enjoy. In this pick, you will soon be devoted the midst of a teenage crowd and get involved in their lives as you spend time together and get them to share their deepest secrets with you. Your main objectives in this pick are always to either play as an excellent person and help your pals making use of their issues or continue a gossiping spree and blab their secrets to all or any the wrong people. This pick offers you an opportunity to live the lifespan of a typical teenager with the capacity to develop relationships or even a person with the knack for saying the wrongs things at the wrong time.

  • Bad Girl 3: Beach Party

Bad Girl 3 has an adolescent love story kind of feel to it as you will soon be playing the role of a cute-looking girl who goes on a holiday with her closest friend and meets some handsome guys. So most of your objective out here is to attach with some of these two guys. Your gameplay will have you choosing various dialogue choices that’ll either take your character near to a blonde dude or even a dark-skinned guy. The straightforward innocent dialogue that happens here will stop you glued to android device till you complete the entire game. Additionally, there are various mini-games that you could play out here including a dance sequence where you will get showing off your amazing dance moves.

  • Campus Life

The last option on our listing of games similar to Surviving High School is Campus Life manufactured by Pocket Gems. Your gameplay out here is focused on the lifespan of an average teenage girl and the activities that take place on campus. You will get to create lots of nice friends and recruit them into your sorority or invite them over to your dwelling for lunch and for parties. Then you may even decorate your place with lots of attractive furniture to create it livelier and pick from a complete group of fashionable dresses and other accessories to drape your character with. You have even a chance to get into a romantic relationship with the guy of one’s dreams.

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