Top Games like Summoners War 

Summoners War is just a very cool tower-defense action game that’s also in the massively multiplayer online role-playing genre. Summoners War is just a mobile strategy game, on both iOS and Android. In regards to gaming, we all know you probably are looking for games like Summoners War, so we will tell you about alternatives as we speak about Summoners War for a minute.

World War: Clash of Zombies

The first game we want to share with you is World War: Clash of Zombies. This game is available on both iOS and Android and is among the top games like Summoners War on the market right now. This is a real-time strategy game that’s a lot of combat in it and the gameplay is pretty fast-paced. You will like the tower-defense in this game because it is very similar to Summoners War. The premise of the game is there are zombies threatening your land and these zombies want to kill people. You should recruit troops and train them, along with the build up your base and battle from the zombies.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is just a game that’s out for iOS and Android and this really is also on our list of games like Summoners War. This is a tower-defense, strategy, and action game exactly like Summoners War. There is a multiplayer online battle arena in Clash Royale as well. You’ll notice there are 9 areas in this game with over 13 levels altogether. You will have a way to win battles by defeating and destroying more of the towers than your enemy does.

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings can also be one of the best games like Summoners War and this game is available on iOS and Android. Just like Summoners War, this is a tower-defense real-time combat game with a lot of adventure and action. You’ll notice this game also includes a fast-paced gameplay and you is likely to be quickly thrown into the multiplayer battle arena. In Clash of Kings, you’ll develop into a King and you’ll need to recruit people and then train them as your army.

Battle Dragons

Another game we want to share with you that resembles Summoners War is Battle Dragons. Battle Dragons are available on both iOS and Android and it is just a tower-defense 3D action game. Battle Dragons are among the top games like Summoners War since it is about multiplayer battles. You have a lot of characters to choose from in this game, that is all dragons, and then you begin exploring the game world.

Battle Glory

Lastly, if we’re discussing games like Summoners War, we have to share with you Battle Glory. Battle Glory is just a game that is available for iOS and Android and is actually one of the best real-time combat mobile games out there. You could have collectible cards in this game and you’ll notice there are a ton of characters in Battle Glory as well. You need to teach troops, create tanks, plan bases, and also protect your towers. This game is very similar to Summoners War in terms of game mechanics and overall premise.

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