Top Games like Stronghold Crusader

Are you looking for some building simulation games like Stronghold Crusader, which is often played on your PC or laptop? Well, then you definitely will definitely find this list which we’ve made invaluable as it includes some good games related to this genre. In these titles, you are free to use your imagination and build huge cities with assistance from just a couple laborers. And if you’re skilled at managing labor and wealth then your success is assured in whatever mission or objective you decide on to take up.

Released for Windows PC, Stronghold Crusader, or rather say Stronghold: Crusader, is a sequel to Firefly Studio’s Stronghold. It occurs the Middle East at the time of the Crusades that have been military campaigns approved by the Latin Roman Catholic Church. Needless to say, even though you spent most of the History lessons in a daze, you can’t have missed the Crusades that have been not merely driven by religious purposes, but economics and politics too.

The game in question consists of a number of campaigns in addition to a Crusader Trail which provides linked missions in that you must face various opponents. The real-time strategy title is mainly about conquest and expansion of the territories you’ve won, while you will also need to defend these from outside forces. Without further ado, listed below are 7 more games it is in addition crucial to sink your teeth into if you’re a supporter of the Stronghold series.

Tropico 4

The 1st one with this roster of games just like Stronghold Crusader is Tropico 4 produced by Haemimont Games. Here, you can get to play since the eccentric El Presidente and attempt to produce a fabulous island city that is heaven on earth for most of its inhabitants. You are able to manage numerous things such as controlling the economy, entering into trade with other nations and constructing entertainment facilities for your people. The past mentioned includes water parks, mausoleums, and shopping malls.

Majesty 2

The following one our list of creation simulators is Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. Here, you will undoubtedly be playing the section of a ruler with a vision to build a really majestic kingdom packed with loyal subjects. This pick allows you to select from a vast array of available heroes, that have different personalities and attitudes.

Age of Empires 3

This third installment of the legendary Age of Empires series by Ensemble Studios is one of our top recommendations for you. You have the capacity to play as diverse nations and get immersed in the rich history, customs and culture of each, in this offering.

Nemesis of the Roman Empire

That one titled Nemesis of the Roman Empire allows you to play as the best choice and commander of the Roman Empire throughout the war targeted at overpowering the Carthaginians in the famous Punic Wars. The campaigns in the single-player mode will take you through each phase of the invasion of the Romans on the Carthage civilization and their subsequent rise to power.

Grand Ages: Rome

Grand Ages is another interesting title which we can add to this list of Stronghold alternatives for you to check out. Here, you’ll once more assume the role of an ambitious Roman leader and contribute your skills of resource management and strategy formation in the gathering of the nation. You need to use the resources you gather to make various kinds of military units to explore the land and to march to war against any of your sworn enemies.

Zeus: Master of Olympus

Zeus: Master of the Olympus is a neat little city-building game which has a mythological theme. In this pick, combined with the construction of varied buildings for trade and housing of your citizens, you can also erect sanctuaries specialized in various gods of Greek mythology such as Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Athena.

Space Colony

Space Colony is another one of those real-time strategy games just like Stronghold Crusader, where you must manage a group of whacky, but entertaining characters. In this pick, there are numerous kinds of buildings that you have to erect and maintain in order to begin a strong base.

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