Top Games Like Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons is the most up-to-date entry to the popular Harvest Moon series. The game released in 2014 in Japan and in 2015 in North America. The story of the overall game is much like that of the other Harvest Moon games, with the titular character (who you are able to choose to become a male or female) leaving his current life behind to start taking care of a farm. Other choices the ball player is allowed to produce include choosing from the various hair styles the overall game offers in addition to eye color, skin tone and your starting wardrobe. Something completely new to the series includes two options of difficulty: Seedling and Normal. If you’re new to the series it’s recommended to start in Seedling Mode due to the higher difficulty of Normal Mode. While the mode isn’t difficult per se, you tend to get rid of your stamina considerably quicker that may suck the fun out from the game.

  1. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a video game which was originally released in Japan for the Nintendo 64 in 2001 and then eventually released for English-speaking audiences in 2002 on the Nintendo GameCube. The premise of the overall game is straightforward: You play as a humanoid character who is venturing out into the entire world for initially in his or her life. Travelling the country by riding on a train, you find yourself in a calming village (which you must name) filled with animals that you are able to communicate with.

  1. Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing but aesthetic wise it’s completely different than both of these games. You play as a Mii character and when you have some of the recent Nintendo consoles you’ll understand what those are. If you don’t then all you could do need to find out is that Mii’s are blocky game characters which you may design in any way you’d like.

  1. Haven and Hearth

If you’re looking for an online point and click player vs. player version of Animal Crossing then Haven and Hearth is the overall game for you. The game begins with the ball player customizing their character and then being thrown out in to the wilderness. From here on out it’s your decision to survive the harsh terrain and wild animals. You’re likely to have to be extremely patient if you wish to achieve this game since it is preferred by the community to spend a couple of hours walking through the forest before you set up your camp. Once you see a secure place you are able to freely build your home and get to work.

  1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a relatively new game which was produced by a single person. Sole developer Eric Barone began the project in 2011 when he was on the look for a new Harvest Moon-type game. After being unable to find anyone to his liking, he started developing his own and the others is history. While the key inspiration behind this game is Harvest Moon, Barone has stated that while developing Stardew Valleyhe’d other games in mind, including Terraria and Animal Crossing.He took features from all three of these games to produce the best version and the others is history.

  1. Castaway Paradise

Coming in at number one of the top five games like Animal Crossing is Castaway Paradise.In the event that you read the official website with this game you’ll realize that the tagline is “It’s like Animal Crossing!” which I find to be pretty funny. The key difference being the series isn’t played on the Nintendo 3DS but rather on your pc or phone. As a result of this the overall game is routinely updated for bug fixes as well as free DLC. The lead developer is in fact quite active online and in the event that you ever have an issue you are able to personally contact him and he’ll get back straight away.

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