Top Games like Stick RPG

We have a neat collection of games like Stick RPG that can come in the group of life simulation. In such games you will play as a personality that’s to create himself up in life by working hard and earn a living. But there also a great many other fascinating stick games that have been inspired by this cult classic which we have mentioned out here. So if you should be the type of person who’d be thinking about this style and genre, then you can certainly try playing the below mentioned titles.


If you’re a supporter of games similar to Stick RPG, you then must have a look at Meteolife which will be quite identical to it. Before you actually start playing, there is a small introduction which shows the planet your character is currently living in. So depending on the story, the whole world has been wiped out with a meteor expect for Meteo city, which will be apparently the positioning where your character resides.

Tycoon Jones

The following option that enables you to try your lifetime skills is Tycoon Jones. In this game you are basically living a costly city with a higher cost of living. The very first challenge that you will face here’s to help keep your low budget apartment by paying your rent money on time. This implies that you will immediately have to locate a suitable way of employment to earn sufficient cash to produce a payment at the end of the week.

Stick World

Stick World is another option which we could add to the list of Stick RPG alternatives for you really to check out. The story out here’s that you’re working for a criminal boss called Mr. Bernstein, but after a job goes bad, you lose a case containing his money to the cops. After taken from prison you’ve to somehow try and pay off this debt which will be about 1 million dollars within an occasion limit of 100 days. If you cannot you then are just like dead.

Sift Heads Ultimatum

Here is one more option we have for whatever you role-playing enthusiasts. Sift Heads is approximately a team of three master assassins and their busy adventurous lives in the crime world. The three protagonists we are speaking about out here are Vinnie, the team leader, his girlfriend Shorty and partner Kiro.

Stick War 2

Stick War 2 combines stick-man styled role playing elements along side real time strategy. Here you will undoubtedly be playing as a leader of a tiny settlement of stick-men and your objective would be to get back the empire that’s stolen from you. You will have to guide your subjects carefully in this one and instruct them to gather resources such as for example gold and favor in order to build a powerful army of warriors.

WW2 Commander

The last one on this list of games similar to Stick RPG is WW2 Commander. This pick was developed along exactly the same lines of our main title in question, the only difference is that rather than one stick character, you will command whole troops of them. Each mission will provide you with many choices of action and the success or failure of the mission will undoubtedly be determined on the basis of the choices you make.

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