Top Games like StarCraft 2

Can’t get enough of the games like StarCraft 2, where you’ve to mix your strategic and tactical skills in order to tackle enemy units and overcome them? Well, then we have taken the initiative to provide you with some suitable options that’ll surely resemble this Blizzard Entertainment title in question. A lot of action and exciting missions can be found for you really to play in the below-mentioned titles and when it comes to spectacular graphics and entertainment, these picks will not fail to gratify you.

  • Supreme Commander 2

At the top of our listing of games similar to StarCraft 2, we bring for you this second part of the Supreme Commander series produced by Gas Powered Games. You’ll notice that the story in this title in an extension of the previous the one that may have you playing many campaigns of three warring races names the UEF, the Cybran, and the Illuminate. Regardless of the campaign mode, you may also avail of a multiplayer option out here where you can play against another player and attempt to completely destroy his units and buildings. As seen in the very first part, you can get just one single unit (i.e. the ACU) with that you have to commence your base operations and then expand it to make various factories that’ll collect mass and energy so you can increase the number of your units. Another resource element that’s introduced out this can be a research ability, which lets you build research structures to investigate new ways of making new and improved air, ground and sea-based units. This version of Supreme Commander is available for you yourself to play in your Mac OSX, Xbox, and Windows PC.

  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Command and Conquer returns with Red Alert 3 where you have to manage a new enemy called the Empire of the Rising Sun. The storyline out here takes a unique twist where you will find yourself commanding the armies of the Soviet Union in their mission traveling back in time for you to kill Albert Einstein and become the reigning superpower of the whole world. But it is not the changed plot that’s made us add this on our StarCraft 2 alternatives roster, as in this pick you will even get to train some new units such as warbears, javelin soldiers etc. and even attain more powerful superweapons and other artillery from your base of operations including the Proton Collider for the Allies and the lethal Soviet Vacuum Imploder that has the capabilities of devastating both enemy buildings and units. You will even notice that all of the units that you train may have a second ability that can be used to having its primary fighting ability. This pick gives all the major weapons of mass destruction that you will need to complete your specified objectives and eliminate any enemy target. All you need to complete is use your skills of strategy and resource management to be able to flourish in winning the best war.

  • Company of Heroes 2

Another one that people declare that all RTS fans must play is Company of Heroes 2 produced by Relic Entertainment with the aid of the Essence Engine 3.0. In this second installment of Company of Heroes, you will find yourself carrying out the exploits of the army of the Eastern Front during World War II. You’ll notice many new features which are not seen in its predecessor that’ll offer a whole new explosive experience. Besides the superb gameplay mechanics, you might find the brilliant efforts the designers have put to the landscape, especially with the introduction of some unforgiving weather conditions as seen through the snowstorms out here. If not managed properly, your soldiers can get afflicted with the biting winter and die before completing the mission. One other exciting features available in this one will be the TrueSight feature that’ll enable you to see all the action that ensues on the battlefield. Your troops and tanks can now even upgrade their weapons and fighting abilities to maximize the damage done to all or any targeted enemies. There not really a moment to waste out here which means you will require refined and well thought off strategic plans if you intend to accomplish your missions.

  • Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II

And last but certainly not the least, we have included this title on our ensemble of games similar to StarCraft 2 made by exactly the same developers of the mentioned before game i.e. Relic Entertainment. When you have played the very first section of this one, you will realize that the soldiers out here have really advanced weapons and armor and all the battles take invest a well-designed futuristic environment. The game modes seen here will be the single-player campaigns, the skirmish mode, and the multiplayer mode. The campaigns in Dawn of War may have you playing the factions of the Space Marines where you can reach command six Special Forces which possess some unique and valuable skills which you can use to your advantage while carrying out certain missions. Your soldiers will even have the opportunity of leveling up as their experience level increases in combat enabling them to deal more damage to all or any their foes. You can also take part in exciting co-op matches in the single or multiplayer modes and have the support of friends and family or other online players during intense gun battles.

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