Top Games Like Star Project

Each of these spicy options falls into the Otome category and is apparently quite well-liked by girls throughout the globe. The storylines are packed to the hilt with some pretty interesting interactive features that place you right in the spotlight. The decisions you make here directly affect one other characters and even the plot of the respective titles. You can carry on dates with cute guys, play dress-up, grab the eye of hot lads and maybe even find true love.

  1. My Candy Love

We kick start the party with the mention of an on line flirting title fashioned for the teenage audience. Here you’ll have the ability to meet and talk with new characters, explore a funky town and even flirt with the coolest lads. The decisions you make here help you create your individual unique storyline. According to the maker, you are able to expect you’ll see brand new episodes being updated at regular intervals. Begin your personal fairytale by creating an appealing character complete with a chic dressing style and trendy hair color. You even reach decorate your personal room. As your story progresses, you’ll have the ability to meet a variety of boys and even get to be able to win their hearts.

  1. RE: Alistair++

Developed and published by Sake Visual, this entrant inside our games similar to Star Project roster can be an Otome title that’s designed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The gem released onto the scene around 3 years back and has since managed to recapture the hearts of numerous youngsters who simply love to experience a slice of virtual life. The dating simulation title enables you to accept the role of 16-year-old Merui Lucas who has a fancy for her favorite MMORPG, called Rivendell Online. But when a character named Alistair steals a rare item from her, she sets out to take revenge on him, even though she doesn’t know his real identity outside the virtual terrain. Get ready to create special bonds together with your classmates, study and get smarter, earn currency to buy items and even chat with other individuals online.

  1. Always Remember Me

This life simulation title forays onto the scenario packed to the hilt with dating simulation elements. What’s more, it even shines brightly with beautiful manga artwork and a sensational soundtrack. The developer calls one to shape the destiny of a girl called Amy. Her boyfriend Aaron Cowen has just held its place in a vehicle accident and is unable to recognize his sweetheart. Now Amy should decide whether to keep with him and play the role of a buddy until he recovers or move ahead in life and fall deeply in love with another character. You will find 9 different conclusions embedded here so anything is possible. The title can be obtained for the PC and Android powered devices.

  1. Top Girl

Another inclusion inside our Star Project alternatives array enables you to rule the ramp and flaunt the most recent threads throughout the virtual fashion world. In this title, you’ll have the ability to go clubbing, take up modeling gigs, shop till you drop and even date handsome hunks. Spoil the love of one’s virtual life with a great deal of gifts and keep a recording of all precious moments you’ll two have spent together.

  1. Magical Diary

If you like to dabble in the supernatural and rub shoulders with the weird and eerie sort then that is just the title you’ve been looking for. Here you can attend a marvelous school where you’ll have the ability to learn different spells, make a huge amount of new friends and run for class office. You should also find a date for the May Day Ball. Indulge in various puzzles, find out more than 70 spells, unlock secret plot-lines and form close relationships with other male and female characters. The decisions you make will decide the outcome of the plot. ‘Have you been a great witch or perhaps a bad witch? quips the brains behind this endeavor. The title can be obtained for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

  1. The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook

The ultimate contender inside our games similar to Star Project roundup enables you to accept the role of Natalie who’s employed at the neighborhood flower shop in the city of Fairbrook. Looked upon as a farming and dating simulation title, this gem begins where Summer in Fairbrook left off. Some of the recurring characters you’ll encounter here include Steve, Jacob, Susana, Clara and Trent.

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