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Japanese role-playing games—otherwise generally known as JRPGs—have obviously been greatest gaming genres ever. With titles like Final Fantasy additionally, the Persona series, on the internet see why. Though there’s also one incredibly amazing franchise that’s always seemed to be hidden away with only a variety of JRPG fans even mentioning it. That series certainly is the fantasy and sci-fi themed story of Star Ocean. Releasing originally in 1996, Star Ocean is a serious niche series with plenty of great games but an even more obscure presence compared to ones we mentioned earlier. However, we at Just Alternative TO are die-hard fans of JRPGs in which we can see the greatness of the fact that Star Ocean series embodied. Thus why we’re being sure Star Ocean gets some love today.

Similar Games to Star Ocean

Final Fantasy VII

Shinra an all too powerful corporation is killing the modern world with regards to their Mako reactors. As the folks who endure the upper amount cities sense of your pollution of your Mako reactors induced the boycott. poor life below and therefore are dying. A resistance group named AVALANCHE is working to destroy the reactors one after another and still have recently hired a young ex-soldier named Cloud Strife. However, little does Cloud understand that joining AVALANCHE will forever change his life additionally, the future of mankind, can he handle comprehend that even he doesn’t remember? Identify as Cloud and a team of random warriors result in fighting against a threat they never saw being Final Fantasy VII.

Lost Odyssey

Kaim has lived over 1000 years being a being that may be immortal. Kaim’s past working life is clouded by his amnesia making Kaim wonder where his future lies. However, Kaim is about to embark on an exciting new journey that may have others affiliated with him because months deal with the problem against a solid magic source that can rip the globe apart if left unchallenged. Kaim have to trust his best friends and family because gather their strengths and fight through not only an unknown future but find out more on what Kaim’s past is perhaps all about. Heartwarming an excellent journey in Lost Odyssey.

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir follows the narrative of 5 heroes who each reside in the phantasy world of Erion. This continent is put into two sections—once three but a previous war made that land inhabitable—where tensions are high and a war is brewing. Wedding ushers characters are a section of the game’s narrative and references how they’ve been managing various threats to their being and their world. While they separate stories, their fate may have their worlds overlap sometimes for a number of reasons related to an approaching Armageddon. Can these heroes stop a prophecy from unfolding or will their tales result in tragedy?

Eternal Sonata

Based loosely on the real-life Polish musician Frederic Chopin, people are introduced into a new that may be whimsical and all too real. Chopin is dying and while he lays on his deathbed, he sets out to ponder on a bizarre fantasy world. It has arrived that Chopin meets another soon to die soul by the name of Polka. Polka hopes to depart some note on the globe before she dies and Chopin decides to take part her even on a fantastical adventure. Is Chopin really dreaming this otherworldly place or is he really a soul who finds his way into another world? Go into the tale of Eternal Sonata and let the music reveal the truth.

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile begins in the village of Coriander. Have a look at witness a lassie named Platina running away from home and her lover Lucian. However, at some part, Platina ultimately ends up inhaling a toxic planet and dies. Our story then shifts to some Valkyrie named Lenneth who may be tasked by your goddess Freya to assemble a military of Einherjar or warriors who have got perished. This really should be accomplished quickly as Ragnarok—the day of reckoning in Norse mythology—is soon approaching.

Tales of Xillia 2

Coming about 12 month once the events of Tales of Xillia, we now see it’s a different world quite a lot using Jude and Millia’s actions. We follow lifespan Ludger Will Kresnik who gets involved along with a lassie named Mel Marta who he saves even on a train alongside Jude. If your train derails, Ludger is told that now he boasts a huge debt she must be worthwhile by working for Spirius Corporation using a very specific task for them. Apparently, parallel dimensions happen to be opening up across the world in case they continue the globe may face an apocalyptic event. Seeing as how Ludger’s family have latent powers to shut these portals if Ludger wants any potential for removing his massive debt he’ll almost certainly now to have to work alongside Jude additionally, the Spirius Corporation whether he would like to or not.

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