Top Games Like Spelunky

Roguelike games are being a larger trend every passing day in the indie developer scene. The idea of walking around randomized maps and structures, finding loot that changes constantly, and death usually means a complete restart entices gamers young and old. After saying that you’d think how could anyone like a game that way? Well, gamers who love a great challenge do, and as a result of games like Spelunky, there are lots of reasons to endure the challenge. Then we at Just Alternative TO begun to undertake our own challenge to produce another list that will please fans of games like Spelunky. That’s right folks, today we’re considering 6 Games Like Spelunky.

Similar Games to Spelunky

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Cadence is on a mission to find her father who has disappeared. As Cadence travels trying to find him, she eventually ends up in a crypt controlled by a powerful NecroDancer who takes Cadence’s heart. If she wants her heart back, Cadence must survive the NecroDancer’s summoned minions in a domain of music. Any move or action Cadence takes links to her heart and if she makes way too many poor actions, her life will soon be in jeopardy. Prepare yourself to fight to the beat in Crypt of the NecroDancer.


Want to explore dungeons and fight off monsters in a global that’s always random? Want to dive into caves that could hold endless resources or endless monsters? That is what awaits you in Terraria. Build structures, fight monsters and reside in an environment of epic 2D glory. The sole limits are what your brain can think of doing so go wild, young adventurer.

Super Meat Boy

Meat Boy has just had his girlfriend—Bandage Girl—kidnapped by the nefarious Dr. Fetus! Now it’s around this square meat person to truly save the day. Wall jump, run and avoid death to reach the end of each stage. However, besides robots, weird chainsaws, and several other harmful environmental factors, Dr. Fetus has lots of goons waiting to kill you. Are you able to be the hero? Well, answer that in Super Meat Boy.


Delver gives you—the player—the role of an adventurer who explores in dark dungeons trying to find sweet loot. However, these aren’t empty dungeons, things lurk at night and you need to be ready. Armed with weapons you’re not empty handed and you do stand an opportunity at rendering it big. Remember though, death means just that. As soon as you die in Delver, be prepared to restart in a random new dungeon and check it out all over again.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth acts as a current version of the already great roguelike title. Players seize control of Isaac, a naked boy who has gotten lost in a strange dungeon like the place trying to cover from his murderous religious mother. With odd demons and creatures facing Isaac, his tears behave as his only initial starting weapon. Help Isaac escape his fate in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Are you ready to explore the depths or will you poor Isaac face his fate alone?

Rogue Legacy

Our 6 Games like Spelunky list ends with Rogue Legacy, easily certainly one of well-known roguelike titles ever. Taking control of a knight, you’re tasked with entering a largely randomized castle to defeat several bosses and enemies. However, upon death, your character’s story ends but your kids take up your mantle to beat their very own trials in the castle. Rendering it even more interesting, the knight’s children aren’t the same and some suffer from some odd disabilities like seeing the planet upside down or being unable to even see colors. In Rogue Legacy legends will soon be made and lost all in equal measure…how will your legend go?

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